A Guide to The Memes by 6529: Building an Open Metaverse Through Humor

Memes have become more than cat photos and fails videos that get the occasional laugh over their lives. Memes, in contrast to the often sloppy nature of internet culture have gained a lot of importance and become a kind of universal language.

This is also true in NFT, where memes are created, shared, sold, and resold for staggering sums. Given the absurd, self-deprecating, sometimes even nonsensical nature Web3, it is clear that the culture of the blockchain would not exist without humor. This meme-based communication allows for the sharing and dissemination of information.

One project is emerging from the sea of Rare Pepes, mfers, and other comedy annals on Web3: The Memes by 6529. Although still relatively new in NFT history, The Memes from 6529 adds a sense of humor and community to the blockchain, while also promoting a discussion about decentralization, community and self-sovereignty.

Who is 6529, the purveyor and distributor of memes?

The Memes By 6529, which exhibits perhaps the most straightforward NFT collection name we have seen recently, is basically an amalgamation NFT memes curated and curated by 6529, a prominent thought leader and Web3 creator. Although the collection might seem random and scattered with memes, it is an integral part 6529’s Open Metaverse (OM).

We must first understand the creator of the project to fully understand its scope. The pseudonymous collector 6529, also known as Punk6529, is a Web3 voice and thought leader in NFT space. He became a prominent NFT collector in 2021 and gained respect through his philosophical Twitter threads.

Between the fall 2021 and winter 2022, 6529 was transformed from a NFT collector to a fully-fledged mission driven builder. His OM project promotes the creation of an open metaverse to combat centralized and corporate players such as Meta. It is based on the belief that 100 million people can change the world through an open metaverse. Currently, OM and 6529 act as a hub for cryptocurrency-art exhibitions and unique edition collections. Education and other activities are also supported by OM. Here is where The Memes come in.

6529 has established himself as a leader in the fight for an open metaverse. He is using The Memes to gain support for OM, spread values of self-sovereignty, community and decentralization far and wide. 6529 created The Memes to be accessible and open to all, and the edition sizes are large and affordable to keep his cause accessible to everyone.

What are The Memes practically speaking?

The Memes, a multi-level, multiseason NFT project launched on June 9, 2022, combines humor, collaboration and Web3-centric messaging. The idea, as well as its name, stems from Marxist ideologies. This is specifically the idea that workers must “seize production” to prevent capitalism’s collapse. That is, they would need to control land, labor, capital, and other resources that can be used for products. Private ownership must also be banned and wealth redistributed more widely.

This phrase was satirized in the NFT space and rearranged to match Web3 ideologies. It emphasizes that meme culture is a driving force behind Blockchain communities. Artists and creators have taken control of the memesof production. This allows them to build a new creative economy using blockchain technology. It also gives back power to the workers in the creative industries. It’s a complex concept but it has been simplified to memes, art and vibes by 6529’s The Memes.

Each meme in The Memes collection has a limited edition of two to eleven NFTs. Memes can also be referred to as prompts. Artists who contribute NFTs to The Memes seek to create a visual representation (prompt) of the meme. As an example, see Meme Four from Season One with the prompt “GM”.

A selection of art from The Meme’s Season 1, Meme 4. Source: The Memes by 6529

Artists of all faiths have been invited by The Memes to create an NFT. The project began with a few editions created by 6529er and 6529er, the multidisciplinary designer responsible for the 6529 logo. It has grown to include works from many artists: from illustrators to photographers to 3D artists to NFT legends such as XCOPY.

Each meme in The Memes is in some way related to NFT or cryptoculture. 6529 carefully crafted the language for the project to be comprehensible to Web3 and to reflect the values of decentralization and community.

The future of The Memes

It’s clear that The Memes will continue to rely on the spirit decentralized creativity and diversity to propel the project forward, now halfway through season 2. The Memes continues to attract hype with new contributions by artists like Cath Simard, Grant Riven Yun, and has become a trojan horse NFT project. The Memes looks like any other popular project. This means that price increases attract hype and boost trading. However, The Memes is connected to the core concepts of blockchain.

This is perhaps one reason why The Memes continues to grow in popularity. Although the meme NFT releases are only half-a-year old, it is still very difficult to purchase a complete set. This means that you can get one of every meme. A CryptoPunk was actually exchanged recently for a complete set of The Memes. This is a historical point of reference about the increasing value of The Memes.

The creator of The Memes warns that meme holders should not be able to join the ranks just to make a profit, even though the catalog’s floor prices are rising. 6529 tweeted a reminder to his followers about the true meaning of his brainchild. He advised them to not “buy memes cards to make money” but to instead “buy them because they give you a sense if identity and help the mission.”

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