Affyn Reveals New Cities for NEXUS World Metaverse

Affyn, after a successful “City Launch Wave Zero,” has announced new cities for NEXUS World – a mobile metaverse that integrates with the real world.

Affyn’s grand tour of global cities continues after the announcement of Singapore. Prepare to discover the lively cities of Dublin and London in City Launch Wave 1′ – a part of their highly-anticipated unveiling NEXUS World across 44 countries.

There are 1,750 plots of land in the latest cities – 500 for Dublin, 750 for London and 500 for Glasgow.

NEXUSWorld – City Launch Wave 1

Affyn created a metaverse that integrates geolocation and augmented realities. This innovative model allows users to discover, engage in and participate in activities based upon their location.

Affyn also announced that each NFT land will be linked to a specific location within the cities as part of the launch.

Affyn will announce “City Launch Wave 1” on February 9, 2023 at 8:00 PM (GMT 8/ 12:00 PM UTC). This is the time when all eligible users will be able to claim virtual land by placing their flags in the NEXUS World metaverse.

Affyn also revealed the remaining cities in “City Launch Wave 1”, and here they are.

This launch gives users the opportunity to participate in building a growing economy within NEXUS World.

Lucaz Lee (Affyn’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer) said that the company is on track to reveal all the cities in its NEXUS World metaverse. This follows Singapore, London Dublin, Glasgow and Dublin. We are grateful to the community for their support and role in enabling us to launch Wave 0 with our vision.

Lee said, “2023 is a good year. We can’t wait for more exciting developments to reach the masses in the coming months.”

NEXUS World Land NFTs

NEXUS Land NFT holders have the ability to create their own metaverse experiences, such as hosting activities and events in their ‘hometowns. By offering services to other players, you can create businesses on your Land. Holders have the ability to design and personalize their own hometown brands and identities.

Freehold Land is land that players can call their ‘hometowns’ in the NEXUS World. Despite the existence of 9.8 billion land hexagons within the NEXUS World only 0.001% are considered Freehold Land that can be converted into NFTs.

Holders can also rent the land out to others. This allows you to impose taxes on anyone who visits your property. It can also create passive income.

You must first acquire FLAGs in order to claim a piece of land in Affyn’s metaverse. These digital items, which are not NFTs, serve as ownership markers for the virtual terrain.

Affyn raised USD$2 Million in October on the first day it launched its “Flag” sales.

NFT land plots with a greater amount of residents are more rare and can generate more income for their owners.

These metaverse “hometowns” are created by landowners. They earn a percentage of the income from citizens who play on these homes.

Generation Zero Buddies

Affyn’s “Generation Zero Buddies”, NFT collection, was snapped up in less than 100 seconds after its release last July. These ‘buddies” were the first NFTs to be accepted into Affyn’s NEXUS World metaverse. NEXUS World demonstrates that Web3 technology is still being loved.

Stay tuned for more updates about NEXUS World’s exciting globe-trot. Follow the latest news on Affyn’s Twitter or Discord.

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