Anarchy Arcade Portal Allows Voxels to Travel Across Metaverses

Anarchy Arcade has created a new portal that allows you to play Voxels games from Somnium Space. This eliminates the need for you to hop from one protocol to another in order to explore other Metaverses. Robert Hoogendoorn (head of content at DappRadar), challenged builders to build portals that could link different Metaverse spaces. These portals would allow users to move freely between different spaces by using one NFT avatar.

It was discovered to his delight that such a portal existed. To his surprise, such a portal existed.

Voxels Get Some Space Game From Anarchy Arcade

You can either register as a user or as a guest by following a link. Surprisingly the experience is seamless and immersive. The Voxels embed, also known as “Some Space Game”, is a “Top-down Space Ship Shooter Game.”

According to the documentation, the game is “designed to be embedded in parent worlds and run as a mini-game on virtual screens.” The game can be customized on-the-fly via URL parameters, which allows for simple modding.

The minigame can run on any Iframe that supports them by using a pointer lock. It has simple controls and most of its contents can be customized via URL parameters. The Welcome Screen of the game acts as the credits and should not need to be customized.

Anarchy Arcade was created by Elijah Newman Gomez. It is an indie, free-to-play game that allows users to spawn real-life movies, games, pictures and other media from their PCs or the internet into the Metaverse.

Voxels portal gives a glimpse at how Web3 users can use a single avatar to explore multiple Metaverse realms. They can keep their characters intact and not have to rebuild them in another space.

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Image credit: Anarchy Arcade

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