Arden Jones Helps L.A. Pay for Parking Through NFT Initiative

Arden Jones, a well-known musician, plans to pay his fans parking tickets with NFTs. To launch his digital collection of collectibles, the ‘Parallel Parking” star has partnered (an emerging music NFT platform), to create a brand of digital collectibles that are based on the hit single. The proceeds from the sale will go towards paying parking tickets for Los Angeles fans and others.

Parallel Parking was Jones’s hit single, which helped him get signed with Atlantic Records. It has been streamed more than 25 million times on Spotify and Apple Music. Jones says the new initiative, called the “Parallel Parking Fund”, is a way of commemorating the song’s second birthday.

There are 100 NFTs built on this project. Each one costs 0.05ETH and is approximately $80 at press time. All funds will be deposited into a community wallet, which will then be used to pay as many parking tickets possible through random selection. Fans can also submit unpaid parking tickets via Instagram or Twitter.

Arden Jones Pays His Fans Parking Tickets With NFTs

Arden Jones points out that “A lot” of parking tickets in L.A. are issued unnecessarily.Also, he feels that “so Many ‘No Parking’ signs in L.A. were purposely confusing and set up to make money.”

Los Angeles parking fines have risen dramatically in recent years due to city officials trying to raise revenue. A parking ticket today will cost you $65. Based on the amount of NFTs available, this initiative will pay at least 100 fans.

Only 18 Parallel Parking NFTs were sold so far. This raised approximately 0.9ETH, or $1,440. Cooper Turley, one the NFT collectors, said that this is an exciting initiative that bonds well with music lovers and the Web3 community.

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Image credit via: Arden Jones

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