Are These NFT Twitter Accounts Liking Your Posts? It’s a scam!

A new thread has been created to raise awareness about a potential NFT Twitter scam impacting the Web3 community. According to danney.eth, several profiles have recently emerged and ranked in the top 100 global reach on NFT Inspect. These profiles are believed to be controlled by the same individuals and are engaging in engagement farming or shilling rugs.

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The possible NFT Scam involves several high-ranked profiles. Credit: The Verge.

Possible Widespread NFT Twitter Scam?

As the trust in these profiles begins to wane, the thread warns of a potentially catastrophic outcome. danney.eth writes, “Once trust starts reducing, they will probably do a mass wallet drain with different mint pages from all the accounts at the same time.” The fear is that this sudden and coordinated wallet drain could lead to confusion and chaos. That would make it even more difficult to help the community. The Web3 Twitter accounts mentioned include @DanielleKKTV, @radoko, @COOP3RDRUMM3R, @Y3Q.eth, @Fitz_lol, @TheIsland, @Teefinha97, and @Namezer01.

“So that’s why I wanted to make this thread,” says the author. “These guys have been doing all these things without ANY of us noticing. It’s a dangerous situation. I want to ask all of you to help me spread this message and mention anything suspicious you notice in the comments.”

It’s not clear what the accounts are being used for, but the risk is high. Credit: danney.eth.

Not 100% Certain, But Be Cautious Anyway.

danney.eth acknowledges that the initial information may not be 100% accurate, but cautions the Web3 community to avoid these profiles regardless. “I still recommend to avoid them all,” says the author. “This MIGHT mean that some may not be out to rug you, but just to promote whatever they get money to promote for, which could just as well be rugs or worse.”

In conclusion, the community should be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior they may come across. “So once again, I can’t say for certain that all of them are owned by the same people. Yet the way they behave is exactly the same, make of that what you will.”

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