Retirement Planning and Investing in Gold

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GoldCo Review

Goldco is a gold buying business based in Calabasas, CA that has been accredited by the BBB since 12/9/2011. The company offers an array of IRA-approved gold and silver coins at competitive... Read more »

Are Web3 and the Metaverse the Same Thing?

Web3 and Metaverse have been buzzwords in tech circles for a while now, and they are still getting momentum. Although Web3 and Metaverse are interrelated in many ways, they each represent distinct... Read more »

Developed Nations Face Recession in 2023

A recession is predicted for the majority of developed nations by 2023. That’s the time when economists are predicting the worst for what some consider could be the worst financial calamity in... Read more »

Fractional Art Revolution: Freeport is changing the game.

Since ancient times, freeports have been used to store and trade collectibles and high-value art. They offer wealthy investors and collectors a tax-free and secure way to sell luxury assets through back... Read more »

FVCKRENDER’s Expansive LVCIDIA Project Begins to Take Shape

Deep within the virtual cosmos, a grand new art collaboration has begun taking shape. As such, the grand realm of LVCICIA aims to become the biggest community-driven creative project the world has... Read more »

Here’s Where the Top NFT Marketplaces Stand on Creator Royalties

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Chainmonsters Foundation Land Sales

The opportunity for all the chainmon trainers to get a piece of this metaverse has arrived through the Chainmonsters Foundation Land Sales. There will be two different sales: The pre-sale on November... Read more »

Givenchy and (b).STROY Drop A Streetwear Capsule With NFTs!

Givenchy, the iconic french fashion company, has created a physical capsule collection with accompanying limited edition NFTs in collaboration with streetwear brand (b).STROY. The unique collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, varsity jackets,... Read more »

Major Cryptocurrency Cases Probed by U.S. authorities

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