McDonald’s Will Celebrate Lunar New Year In The Metaverse!

Welcome to the McDonald’s Lunar New Year metaverse! This year, McDonald’s celebrates the new year differently with an immersive digital world. Karen X Cheng, a digital storyteller, and entrepreneur, is partnering with... Read more »

SBF’s Substack letters are not understood by crypto community

> In the letter, SBF denies stealing funds and stashing billions of dollars away. The crypto community has voiced their opinions on former FTX CEO Sam “SBF’ Bankman-Fried’s “pre-mortem overview” of the collapse of... Read more »

The Frosties NFT Rug Pull: How a Rug-Pulled Community Can Pursue Justice

Learn how the Frosties NFT scammers were caught Did you miss our previous article… Read more »

Rebuilding with NFTs 🔧

Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly level-ups on NFTs, virtual worlds, & collectibles Subscribe now Dear Bankless Nation, The FTX blowup has been a stark reminder that people who can abuse... Read more »

Bang & Olufsen Teams Up With Hackatao For Its New NFT Collection

Bang & Olufsen has partnered with Italian crypto artist duo Hackatao for its first-ever NFT collection. Notably, the Danish high-end consumer electronics company is bringing together design, art, and music in their first... Read more »

Manifold Royalties Become Unenforced On The Secondary Market

Recently, NFT artists realized Manifold smart contracts are not enforcing royalties on secondary marketplaces. This unfortunate situation affects many artists right now, with those new to the game losing out the most.... Read more »

Arianee Launches Partner Program Starting With Wunderman Thompson

Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands, has announced the launch of the Arianee Partner Program, starting with Wunderman Thompson. Catering to different partners and companies, the program will cover a... Read more »

The Employee Retention Credit Deadline 2022

 Watch More About the ERC 2022 Deadline There’s Still Time For You To Claim The Employee Retain Tax Credit Paycheck Protection Program loans are still eligible to receive ERTC-qualified wages. Although... Read more »
ERC Tax Credit 2022

An Employer’s Guide to Claim the Retention Credit for Employees

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit against certain payroll taxes. It was created as part of the CARES Act to assist businesses in maintaining employees in the event... Read more »
Ethereum Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to The Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology that powers a global software system that is decentralized is the reason why Ethereum does to its core. Ether (or ETH is the largest and most well acknowledged native currency... Read more »