BAYC Artist Migwashere Launches New NFT Collection, Wen Sandwich

Migwashere, the artist known for his work on BAYC, is set to launch his own solo NFT collection titled Wen Sandwich. For 0.05 ETH, you will be able to customize your own sandwich and store it on the blockchain forever. Let’s dive into what Migwashere is serving up.

Here’s what you should know about Wen Sandwich: An open edition NFT project by Migwashere that allows you to customize your own digital sandwich.

What is Wen Sandwich?

Migwashere, the artist who has done work for other collections like Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Hall of Fame Goat Lodge, and BAYC, is launching Wen Sandwich. The artist’s first solo project features pixelated sandwiches filled with delicious food imagery. The new limited edition art project is an open edition on the Ethereum Blockchain, which will be live for one week. Those eager to have one can do so by ordering through a digital food truck that allows you to fully customize your sandwich. Further, you will also be able to make sandwiches out of over 200 different ingredients. Wen Sandwich encourages you to experiment with different ingredients! Any combination is possible, including classic and fancy ones as well as strange ones that only a special someone would eat. You can expect to see different meats, salads, and sauces among many other sandwich elements.

Looks rare.

How do I mint?

The release date has not yet been announced, but when it is, sandwich fans can visit By simply connecting your wallet, you can start creating your ideal sandwich or sandwiches. Furthermore, once the sandwich is made and you have followed the subsequent prompts, the NFT will be delivered to your wallet. Additionally, it will cost 0.05 ETH plus gas for every sandwich that’s minted.

The rarity of a sandwich depends on the minter’s personal taste rather than predetermined criteria. You choose the rarity while you create your sandwich.

What was Migwashere’s purpose behind the project?

In the middle of 2022, amidst the rough year the world was having, the idea of Wen Sandwiches was born. The purpose behind it was to bring some fun to the NFT space regardless of what adversities occured in the space. Migwashere aimed to create an inclusive project that was available to everyone, everywhere, hence the reason for the open edition. Nevertheless, the food truck will permanently close after the minting window expires. Thus, the sandwich created by the owner will be his or hers forever. Migwashere’s innovative thinking has resulted in a new minting experience that allows you to control the rarity of your NFTs rather than an algorithm or a founder.

“I thought about the usual parameters of an NFT art collection: The art style. The collection size. The roadmap. This was to be my first ‘solo’ project,” said Migwashere. “Usually, I’m contracted to create the artwork for a project and base my style and ideas on someone else’s preferences. This time I was free to do whatever I wanted. And what I want is to have fun. Create something new. Think outside the box.”

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