Binance unveils the launch of a new Fan Club program with exclusive team rewards

Binance has unveiled a new Fan club program. It is a revamped version of Binance’s Fan Token engagement program. The original program was released in October 2021. It has been providing opportunities for sports fans and others to engage more with their favorite teams. You can vote on the prize types, convert tickets into NFTs and vote for the player of month. There are currently more than 130,000 participants.

The new program provides more perks and offers additional ways for fans of their favorite team to connect with them. It is a rewards redemption program that allows fans to earn points and unlock exclusive experiences such as VIP tickets, personal video clips, and dinners at the players’ homes.

Lisa He, Head NFT and Fan Token at Binance commented that Fan Tokens were the future of fan engagement. Today marks the beginning of a new program that allows sports fans to make lasting memories. We are excited to launch Binance Fan Club, and to see what the future holds for fans to connect with their favorite players.

At a meet and greet at Lazio (Italy), a fan from Binance Fan token program met Luka Romero, from Lazio.

What is the Fan Club program?

Binance Fan Token is the platform that runs the rewards redemption system. Participants can receive a free “Fan Club Pass” badge upon joining the program. They can also start to collect Star points that they can use later to earn rewards. Simple tasks are required to earn Star points, such as participating in polls or learning more about Fan tokens. Fans who accumulate more Star points are eligible for exclusive benefits.

What is a Binance Fan token, and how do you get one?

Binance Fan tokens can be used to support your favorite team. Binance Fan tokens are a utility token that connects sports clubs around the globe.

The typical Binance Fan token utilities are:

  • Voting Polls. Fan Tokens give you special voting rights which allow you to vote for the team’s decisions.
  • Mystery boxes and These collectibles include legendary and rare collectibles from fan favorite brands and teams. The secondary market of Binance allows fans to trade NFTs they have acquired.
  • Fan shop. An exclusive marketplace for fan token holders. Here fans can buy special merchandise, match tickets and collectibles. VIP experiences are also available.
  • Match prediction. This feature allows fans to predict match results for their favorite teams. Fans earn points for correctly predicting matches.

What teams are involved with the program?

The program has hosted several high-profile teams around the world, including Lazio (Italy), Porto (Portugal), Santos (Brazil) and Alpine F1 (1,0,0).

What kind of rewards are offered?

Fan badges can be used to gain special privileges. Fans also have priority access to limited edition NFT drops. Participating in Fan Voting Polls can help you influence the team’s decisions.

Some rewards are specific to a team. Lazio, for example, has an NFT ticketing system where fans can convert their tickets into NFT tickets to claim fan rewards. FC Porto has an “historical moment” program that highlights fans via their official Instagram account.

To join Binance, you will first need to verify your identity. To learn more about the teams and the reward programs, you can visit the Fan Club platform. On the same platform, you can also view the soon-to be listed Binance Fan Tokens as well as their listing dates. Participating in the Launchpool offers additional benefits, such as buying tokens at a lower price.

NFT News Today’s Binance announces the launch a Fan Club program that offers team rewards and exclusive benefits

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