Bitcoin NFTs: The 20 Most Notable Ordinals Inscriptions

In January 2017, Casey Rodarmor, a software engineer, launched the Ordinals protocol for Bitcoin. This sparked a revolution on the blockchain. On the Bitcoin mainnet, you can now create NFTs. This news caused a lot of excitement and protest in the Web3 community. Bitcoin Maxis, purists, called the protocol an attack on network. Others began to mint Inscriptions — Bitcoin’s “native” version of NFTs — to the fullest.

The global order and amount of Ordinals that are being created on the Bitcoin chain has received a lot of attention. At the time of writing, more than 48,000 Inscriptions had been created. The Web3 community is starting to notice the amazing collections and eye-popping deals that have resulted. To ensure that you don’t miss one of the most important (and most valuable) developments in blockchain’s (and NFT) history, we’ve collected some of the most fascinating (and valuable) Ordinals Inscriptions.

Ordinal Punks

This collection is irresistible. Ordinal Punks is a collection of 100 NFTs. They are named after CryptoPunks and were created within the first 650 Bitcoin Inscriptions. The highest Inscription in the collection occupies spot #642. The generative PFP collection, consisting of 192×192 pixels images, was created with an open-source algorithm by the pseudonymous Web3 creator FlowStay.

The first 18 Ordinal Punks. Credit: Ordinal Puckers

Bitcoin’s infrastructure demands that users have a full Bitcoin node in order to make an Inscription. Ordinal Punk bids and requests are being made on a Google Sheet by FlowStay. The community is using the project creator to act as an escrow account on Discord. The current lowest bid is 3.7 BTC/51.26 Ethereum (nearly $84,000) and Ordinal Punk78 is at 50 BTC/692.66ETH ($1,132,500). The web3 denizens dingaling bought seven Ordinal Punks recently for 15.2 BTC/211 EETH (331,715).

Ordinal Punk #78. Credit to Ordinal Punks

Taproot Wizards

Taproot Wizards, which began with Inscription 652, is an Ordinal collection that includes hand-drawn NFT Wizards. It was created by Udi Wertheimer, an independent Web3 developer. According to the collection’s initial Ordinal, the 4MB block and transaction that was it is the largest in Bitcoin history has made history. Only a few Taproot Wizards are currently inscribed on Bitcoin. The Wizard ID verification page for the project on Discord confirmed six of them: Inscription 1,107 1,383, 2,637 and 2,625.

Taproot Wizard #0001: Bald Wizard. Credit: Taptoor Wizards

Bitcoin Rocks

Bitcoin Rocks is another tribute to early Ethereum NFT collection. It reflects the spirit and aesthetics of Ether Rocks which was one of the first NFT collectible projects of the Ethereum chain. This collection was created by ordrocks who minted the first stone in the collection at Inscription71. It is limited to 100 copies. Some NFTs can be listed for up to 1,000 BTC/13.858 ETH (more that $22 million). The current floor for bidding is 2.7 BTC/37.42ETH (nearly $61,000).

Bitcoin rocks. Credit to ordrocks

Timechain Collectibles

The Series 1 Timepieces are a limited edition set of 21 Ordinals. They depict timepieces in a variety of forms, including pocket watches, ancient calendars, cyberpunk watches and pocket watches. All of the pieces were inscribed on January 30, 2023 and each piece has consecutive Inscription numbers between 356-377. Inscription 356 is the genesis Inscription that anchors the entire collection. The following are the rarity levels of the collection: Eight pocket watches, three Ancient Sundials and two wristwatches. There are also two Wall Clocks. Two Wall Clocks. Two Cyberpunk Alarm Clocks. Two Clock Towers. One Monolith. Auctions for NFTs will be held in Discord with Inscription 364 (“Timechain Collectible #6), selling at 3.08 BTC/43.59 Ethereum ($67,000).

Credit: Timechain Collectibles

Credit: Timechain Collectibles

Ordinal Loops

Ordinal Loops, which are the lowest-numbered Inscriptions in Bitcoin Ordinals, start at Inscription 452. The NFT (also known as Object 0) is a rotating mathematical trus. It is one of seven animations similar to the Ordinal Loops team’s first series drops. The collection’s first NFTs are the current narrative chapter. It is called “Do Not Fiat” and “Bitcoin ASCII defeats the army of five major government currencies – ad endlessum”. Ordinal Loops’ Discord says that there are no OTC buying opportunities. All interested parties must take part in auctions. According to a member on the Discord, Object 0 was claimed at 0.272 BTC/3.85 ETH ($5,935), Object 1, for 0.570BTC/8.07 ETH (12,439), Object 2, for 0.800BTC/11.33 ETH (17.458), Object 3, for 4.178 BTC/59.17 ETH (91,178).

Object 0. Credit: Ordinal Loops

Credit: Ordinal Loops

Ripcache’s Energy Source

Ripcache, a crypto artist, recently added their first Ordinals to the Bitcoin chain. Avatar: Fans of The Last Airbender will be pleased to learn that four pieces are named after the elements fire, water and earth. Inscription 26,663 is the starting price. This collection has not yet been sold.

Bitcoin Shrooms

The Bitcoin Shrooms began with Inscription 19. Some of them preceded even a few Bitcoin Rocks. One of the many shroomy-NFTs inscribed is the first. It spells out “The Shrooms R coming.” Discord has been temporarily closed and the team responsible for the Shrooms has yet not to sell or auction any NFTs.


The Shadow Hats

Inscription 957 is when shadowy figures, some calling them The Shadow Hats, begin to appear on Bitcoin chains. They have not been sold yet, although little else is known.


The Dan Files

Inscription 953 contains a list of all Bitcoin Ordinal collections by an individual who goes simply under the name Dan. This directory contains dozens of his creations. Most of them share a common theme of existentialism and irreverence. Inscription 661, titled “I Existed,” contains Dan’s unexpectedly touching voice recording. He relates autobiographical information to an artificially intelligent race or future alien. “Hard Pills to Swallow,” however, has its own directory, which points to Ordinals, with titles such as “Your Unrequited love” and “Your insignificance.”

Inscription 847. Credit: Dan


These mysterious, anonymous creations start at Inscription 341. They are unique Ordinals that can be found in a variety of colors. There are many in existence. Their Inscription numbers are all that is known.



Ornate Ms

Inscription 294, which is shaped like a course on designing album covers for metal bands, has several M-shaped, dark figures. They are both intriguing and mysterious, but their origin is still unknown.

The M’s. Credit:

Inscription 0

Inscription 0, the very first Ordinal on Bitcoin, is a simple black skull with white markings.



Squiggs, a group of 53 Ordinals that start at Inscription 6,323, have a very cryptic Twitter account.


Insignia Art

Inscription 7,596 is the beginning of Insignia Art, a collection of 16 Bitcoin Ordinals. These are “composable art primitives,” which, according to their creators will allow for “rapid reproduction distribution and usage of Insignia” on the Bitcoin blockchain.


OnChainMonkey’s Ethereum-based collection Inscription 20,219 minted 10,000 Ordinals into one Inscription. According to the team, as long as someone has one of their genesis collections’ NFTs, they automatically qualify for a Bitcoin Ordinal. By keeping the Ordinal sizes small, the team was able to combine the entire collection into one Inscription. The OCM team claimed that the Inscription took only a few dollars to create and is smaller than 20,000 bytes. This could be a model that other collections can use to create NFTs on Bitcoin.

Credit: OnChainMonkey

Both Bitcoin Punks…

NFT enthusiasts created many similar derivatives of classic Ethereum collections as they tried to get as many Ordinals onto the Bitcoin chain while it was still young. The perfect example is two identical but very different Bitcoin Punks collections.

The first Bitcoin Punks is a new take on CryptoPunk. It’s a departure from Ordinal Punks. The 100 Punks have a lighter blue background and a greater variety of expressions and characters than the Ordinals. They trade for as little as 1 BTC/14.14 Ethereum ($21,823). Bitcoin Punk #27 sold recently for 1.45 BTC/20.32ETH ($31,727). Bitcoin Punk #4 is listed at a steep 115 BTC/1.625 ETH (upwards to $2.5 million).


The First Bitcoin Punks collection is primarily distinguished by its 10K PFP collection. It was also inscribed after the 100-piece Bitcoin Punks Collection, which started at Inscription 5,530. People have begun to buy and sell the collection, with one Punk enthusiast recently buying six ape and two alien Punks for 3.25 BTC/45 Ethereum ($69,411).

Credit: Bitcoin Punks

Ordinal birds

Ordinal Birds, which takes full advantage Moonbirds’ license for CC0, is another derivative collection that can be found on the Bitcoin blockchain. It contains 100 bird Ordinals and starts at Inscription 2,728. Although the collection is now sold, the team still has Birds #94-96, #98 and #100 to thank Kevin Rose for instigating the project. Rose acknowledged the collection via Twitter, saying that it was exactly what he wanted when he gave the collection a CC0 licence last year. A number of Ordinal Birds OTC transactions have occurred in the past few days via Discord’s escrow service. The sales range from 0.17 BTC/2.41ETH ($3,720 to 0.72 BTC/10.19ETH ($15,756).

Credit: Ordinal birds

Bitcoin Orbs

The Bitcoin Orbs Ordinals claim to be the first Manifold NFT edition on the Ordinals protocol. These Ordinals will only be available to those who have the Bitcoin Orb edition NFT for Ethereum. Joan Westenberg created the collection and plans to make it one of the first to link Ordinals with Ethereum.

Credit: Bitcoin Orbs

On the Edge of Oblivion

Another Ordinals collection, On The Edge Of Oblivion, bridges ETH NFTs and Bitcoin NFTs. The 555-piece floor of Inscription 9,978 went from 0.015 Ethereum ($23) on February 7, to 3.59ETH ($5,550) the next day. It has since settled back down to 0.7999ETH ($1,236). OpenSea has seen a steady flow of NFTs at 1,199 ETH. The collection has also recorded 1,158 sales in the past week. Web3 dev nullish created the project, and Bitcoin bridging is currently happening on the Discord.

Credit: On the Edge of Oblivion

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