Blur Gets Creative to Circumvent the OpenSea Blocklist

OpenSea, a popular marketplace, finally decided to take a position on the ongoing NFT royalty debate and created tools to enforce it. Its blocklist allowed users to block any marketplaces that didn’t pay royalties from listing assets. Blur, an NFT market aggregater, discovered a loophole within the OpenSea blocklist system.

OpenSea: How Blur?

Blur was able, interestingly, to bypass OpenSea’s blocklist by using Seaport, an OpenSea-launched Web3 marketplace tool. Seaport does not have the royalties rules, so Blur was allowed to list assets without violating them.

Blur has been able to gain an advantage over OpenSea by using this simple, but effective loophole. This is a new development from Blur. A recent announcement by the marketplace before the $BLUR token launch indicated that it was trying to make new ground in the industry.

OpenSea has so far not responded to this development.

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