StarkNet overhauls Cairo programming language to drive developer adoption

> Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform StarkNet has revamped its Cairo programming language to enable easier onboarding of new developers. Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform StarkNet has overhauled its in-house Cairo coding language to... Read more »

Crypto Firm Wyre is reported to have been shut down following a cancellation of Bolt Acquisition. The CEO claims that the firm is just’scaling-back’ operations.

According to several reports, Wyre, a cryptocurrency payments firm, is allegedly sunsetting its business. Wyre’s purported wind down follows Bolt, another payments company, canceling its plan to acquire Wyre in September. Wyre... Read more »

MyEtherWallet CEO talks to us about the future for crypto self-custody

> Tune in to the third episode of Hashing It Out as Cointelegraph’s Elisha Owusu Akyaw discusses the future of noncustodial cryptocurrency wallets with Kosala Hemachandra, CEO of MyEtherWallet. In the third... Read more »

Ukrainian Pharmacy Chain Introduces Cryptocurrency Payments

A major Ukrainian chain of pharmacies has started accepting cryptocurrency through Binance Pay. The new payment method will be available online, according to the company, which operates hundreds of drugstores across the... Read more »

The US cooperated with FTX’s former top attorney in the Sam Bankman Fried case

> FTX’s former compliance chief Daniel Friedberg started working for Sam Bankman-Fried in 2017 and resigned from FTX days before the exchange collapsed. Daniel Friedberg, controversial lawyer who served as top compliance... Read more »

Jointly, US regulators and the Fed issue Crypto Warnings

The Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) have jointly issued warnings about crypto risks to banking organizations. “The agencies have... Read more »

Silvergate sold assets for loss and reduced staff to meet $8.1B withdrawals: Report

Silvergate has reportedly laid off 200 members of its staff, which is around 40% of its total number of employees. The FTX debacle has triggered a bank run on Silvergate, causing the... Read more »

Major Cryptocurrency Cases Probed by U.S. authorities

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crypto antimoney laundering laws

Anti-Money Laundering Laws: How The United States Is Trying To Implement Them Into Cryptocurrency And Non-Fiat

The United States has been trying to put anti-money laundering laws into cryptocurrency and non-fiat for a while now. They have been implementing AML laws in the country since the early ’80s,... Read more »