Chinese “Instagram” Enables NFT Integration Spurring Mass Adoption

NFT integration has been enabled by the Chinese version of Instagram Little red Book (XiaohongShu). This could help to accelerate mass adoption of digital collectibles. After the platform teamed with Conflux Network (a layer 1 public blockchain protocol), this integration was possible. Users of Little Red Book can now display their Conflux NFTs on their profile pages.

Little Red Book has over 200 million monthly active users as of press time. This NFT integration is a crucial part of exposing digital collectibles and accelerating their adoption. A new section has been added to the profile page of the social media platform for NFTs, called the “R-Space.” Here users can view the most popular artworks from different artists.

Mimic Shhans, a large Chinese community, is the source of Conflux NFTs. To have their NFTs listed on their Little Red Book profile page, those who have them can follow a few steps.

Conflux and Little Red Book are great partners in the Chinese Web3 space. The future is bright for all parties.

Ming Wu, Conflux’s CTO, stated in a translated statement that the “biggest internet industry players” in China are now willing to accept Web3 technology. Conflux is a bridge between Web2 & Web3, so the protocol has a dominant position in expanding Web3 technology into the more traditional industry scene em>

The Implications of this NFT Integration

This collaboration has led to local Chinese firms opening up to blockchain technology. Although Little Red Book has been involved with NFT platforms and blockchains in the past it has not been on this level. It’s also the first time they have tapped into a public network.

This partnership is the latest positive step in the development of crypto-associated technology (CBT) in China. Despite its strict stance on cryptocurrency, the Chinese government is open to exploring NFTs.

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