Cometh is Now Available to Play Through the Ledger Live App

Web3 game Cometh Battle is now available on the official Ledger Live app! The space sci-fi strategy game is ready to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. The galactic free-to-play card game pits players against each other in exciting 1v1 space battles and tournaments. Read on to learn more about the game, the launch, and other details.

How Do You Play Cometh Battle on Ledger Live?

Cometh Battle is available on the “Discover” section of the Ledger Live app. The app allows users to directly interact and play the game within it. All you need to play Cometh Battle on the app is a Polygon account. It’s a simple process to access and play the game:

  • If you do not already have one, create a Polygon account on Ledger Live.
  • Next, navigate to the Discover tab and select Cometh Battle.
  • The game is easy to play and already contains a guide to follow for new users to get acquainted!

“In the same way that Cometh was one of the first games on Polygon, we are very proud to be the first web3 game integrated into Ledger Live. This partnership with Ledger not only increases the security of our ecosystem but also aims to onboard more gamers safely into Web3” says Jerome de Tychey, Galactic Counselor, Cometh Battles.

About Ledger Live

Ledger Live is an all-in-one desktop and mobile security application for digital assets. It is also the companion app for its hardware equivalent Ledger wallets. Moreover, the app acts as a hardware synchronizer and allows users access to many crypto services and apps all from a single app. Being the first game on the Ledger Live security platform, players can rest assured that they are transacting safely with a legitimate blockchain game.

Moreover, there is also an exclusive offer for Ledger Live users. The $3.99 Welcome Pack includes the following perks:

  • 4 boosters of 5 playable cards NFTs each that you can collect, play, and trade in Cometh Battle.
  • 5000 Galactic Credits to buy non-NFT playable cards or NFT emojis.

Please note that this is a one-time offer for Ledger Live users. Finally, you can find more details on the Cometh official website.

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