Cool Cats Journey (Staking) Launches Today

Cool Cats are back, and they’re better than ever. Journeys Chapter 1: Fractures is their latest project. This exciting and gamified experience takes NFTs up a notch, giving holders the chance to become immersed in a story and to earn rewards.

Fractures NFTs, a collection 11575 dynamic NFTs, are your ticket to the story. All Cool Cats/Cool Pets owners were issued a Fractures NFT (0.14 ETH) last Wednesday. Now it’s time for the first Journey.

Players will be asked to solve puzzles, answer riddles and burn specific items in order to assist Blue on his journey to Cooltopia over the next two weeks. Based on the player’s Journey Score and badges earned for completing journeys, the Fracture NFTs will develop traits with varying rarity.

Players will have the opportunity to win benefits and rewards for just playing. Those with the highest Cool Scores will also be eligible to win rare traits that will upgrade their PFP. You can also win raffle prizes, which include Cool Cats NFTs and IRL merchandise.

What are you waiting to do? Register for the Journey by February 13th at 5:00 pm ET. See what the Cool Cats have to say about ET!

Since its inception, the Cool Cats NFT project is making waves in crypto. The Cool Cats’ unique approach to NFTs has attracted a lot of attention from the crypto community. The Cool Cats’ popularity has declined over the years. The Cool Cats are back, and ready to take over the NFT world with Journeys Chapter 1 Fractures.

Cool Cats currently sit around 2.1ETH on Opensea at $3,199.14

What is the Cool Cats Journey exactly?

Cool Cats Journey is a form or staking similar to other web 3 mechanics like Moonbirds Nesting. Participants in the Journey are basically staking their Fractures NTs to unlock rewards, and upgrading their PFP. Players can unlock rare traits by playing more and increasing their Journey Score. This mechanic is becoming more popular on the web 3 as it allows players to both earn rewards and contribute to the sustainability and growth of projects. Cool Cats Journey offers players the opportunity to earn rewards and also have a unique, gamified storytelling experience. This makes it an exceptional option in the world NFT staking.

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