Daily Drop News 1/12/23

YUGA is back baby

We have the details of The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey Mint from BAYC. Project has announced that Sewer Pass, the monkey butthole, will be available beginning January 17th and the skill-based mint starting on January 18th. All BAYC and MAYC owners with Sewer Passes will have access to this new power source NFT. These can be earned via gameplay. You can also use BAKC to boost your game.

This news did have a significant impact on the market. The floor for BAYC fell 10%, MAYC fell 13.5% and BAKC fell 28%. This was a more significant fallout than many expected.

Other Market Indiators

Other NFT market news: Tuesday’s trading volume jumped to 23,000.50ETH. This has had an impact both on the Yuga eco-system and the Yuga-adjacent project the Mutant Hounds.

Other notable movers include DigiDaigakus and The Memes By 6529.

Will Azuki Soar Or Fall?

A key event worth noting is today’s 1-year anniversary for Azuki. We’re anticipating fireworks based upon the clues they’ve given us. Both Azuki’s and Beanz are experiencing huge movement as a result. After a sweep of $500,000+ by the whale Rewkang, Azuki’s jumped 20% overnight to 15.8 ETH. These projects may be the subject of big announcements or developments. We will keep an eye on them.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Friendship NFTs have re-entered relevancy as the Bracelets rebounded 20 percent from their local lows of 0.5 ETH to 0.62 ETH on solid volumes.

This concludes today’s NFT Market update. For more updates and the most recent developments in NFT space, be sure to check back tomorrow. We are grateful for your attention.

Bill Gates is grumby

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session (AMA), Bill Gates expressed doubts about web3’s growth potential. He said that Artificial Intelligence (AI), has greater potential for growth than both web3 and metaverse. It is worth noting that Bill Gates was known for his negative views of cryptocurrency and has previously been critical of it. Ironically, he was one of the first to develop the internet, which is the foundation for many cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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