Deadfellaz Invites 3 Official Advisors To Join DFZ Labs

A new competition, three official advisors, and relocating to LA – Deadfellaz (or “DFZ Labs”) is definitely starting 2023 with a bang! Over the weekend, the team revealed its latest team members aiming to support and skyrocket the project from now on: Kai Henry, Yoni Hagos, and Naveen Jain. On a similar note, the Deadfellaz team moved to Los Angeles to take the project to a new level. Ready to meet the official advisors?

The iconic NFT project Deadfellaz announced three brand new official investors ready to help DFZ Labs evolve in 2023. Credit: DFZ / Medium

Who are Deadfellaz’s new official advisors?

On January 14th, Deadfellaz welcomed three new project advisors ready to join the team. Accordingly, the experienced entrepreneurs will offer guidance to grow the business model and internal strategies.

Without further introduction, here they are:

  • Kai Henry

Known for his innovative work at FaZe Clan, Kai Henry has a broad experience in the entertainment niche. Before joining Deadfellaz’s DFZ Labs, the official advisor served as a Chief Strategy Officer, leading FaZe Clan’s creative department.

  • Yoni Hagos

Yonatan “Yoni” Hagos is a top corporate attorney representing Web3 innovators. His clients list includes Trippy Labs, ThankYouX, FaZe Banks, and more. The entrepreneur graduated from the Austin Law School at the University of Texas and is now ready to support Deadfellaz in their 2023 journey.

  • Naveen Jain

He built two companies from scratch and he’s a digital marketing expert. In total, Naveen Jain’s businesses have amassed over $150MM; part of his revenue goes to other projects he believes in. Accordingly, Jain is an angel investor for Flexport, Voltron Data, and Hologram to name a few. While growing his current business, Tari Labs, the official investor will help Deadfellaz and DFZ Labs as a whole to skyrocket to success.

To clarify, the three official advisors will activate for DFZ Labs rather than just the Deadfellaz NFT project. But what’s the difference anyway?

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Deadfellaz is closing all votes for its ‘Top of The Horde’ competition for the community on January 16th.

What does “DFZ Labs” refer to?

As the project founders explained, you can think of DFZ Labs as an umbrella company. This business includes every Deadfellaz department and sub-projects, such as gaming, apparel, exclusive partnerships, merch, and more.

In conclusion, DFZ Labs has big plans ahead for all things Deadfellaz and we’re ready for what’s to come. For example, today is the last day you can cast your votes for the “Top of The Horde” competition nominations via the team’s official Discord channel!

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