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tyler tysdal on instagram with business partner robert hirsch

Tyler Tysdal, who was 13 years old when he founded his first company, didnt have social media as the youth of today. Tysdal, now fifty years old, looks back at how his business might have looked and how he uses these advantages today.

By focusing on who a company is rather than what it does, strong connections can be made across industries. Potential customers are interested in learning about the history of a company and its products and how it was created. Instagram is a place for creators and business leaders who want to have an impact on their communities.

Tyler Tysdal Investor and Entrepreneur Videos

Robert Hirsch and Tyler Tysdal founded Freedom Factory, Denvers business brokerage. They discovered Instagram to be the best medium for sharing their story, how and why they started it, and how that experience can help entrepreneurs who want to grow and sell their businesses.

The fact that 90% of Instagram users are following at least one company is proof of how large a market there is for brands. Tysdal, an entrepreneur, finds that it is possible to attract and engage people by sharing the values and identity of their company with the rest of the world.

tyler tysdal on instagram with business partner robert hirsch
Tyler Tysdal With Business Partner Robert Hirsch

Tyler Tysdal is one of many entrepreneurs who have found visual content a great way for them to communicate with their customers and build relationships. Marketing has always been customer-centric and not product-centric. According to Instagram experts, its important that you dont use Instagram for product promotion. Instead, use it to express your feelings and emotions through storytelling.

Robert Hirsch, Tysdals partner in business, is a master storyteller. He hosted the A&E television program Save It Or Sell It. Freedom Factory featured over 50 videos that were based on real business stories. These videos are used to answer questions and provide valuable content for viewers.

Freedom Factory began by posting the videos on Youtube and Vimeo. But, now they know that using Facebook and Instagram Business accounts, its easy to syndicate these videos on their Instagram TV channel. They discovered that social media is an excellent place to receive feedback from potential clients and to learn what their perceptions are. This data can be used to provide valuable insights.

Freedom Factory has witnessed the extraordinary results entrepreneurs can achieve when they combine passion with purpose to create extraordinary value. Entrepreneurs dont know the best ways to increase their businesss value or get to the next stage in their lives. Tyler Tysdal found Instagram to be an excellent platform to share Freedom Factorys message.

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