Doodles Collectibles Moving to Flow

@doodles announced Wednesday that Doodles 2 would be moving to the Flow Blockchain in a statement to community. In the letter, @doodles also explained the roles of Genesis Boxes and Dooplicators in the new collection. The Doodles team is a former partner of Dapper Labs, who are the creators and operators of Flow. This was expected. Doodles 2 will be available with customizable attributes like body, hairstyle, and emotion. Doodles 2 may also be outfitted with wearables from Genesis Boxes and Dooplicators. Statement cited Flow’s “nonexistent gas fees” as a major factor in their decision to switch to blockchain. Doodles will launch Doodles 2, the first step of the Doodles 2 product experience. Dooplicators will be activated on January 31st. They will then mint the first Doodles 2 wearables. Genesis Boxes will produce the second set Doodles 2 wearables a month later. Each set of wearables unlocks a “Doodles 2 Beta Pass” that can be used for future uses. This will be required to participate in “Create Your Own Doodle”, the beta launch.

The Doodles are now at 7 ETH $11,019.47, as of this posting

All you need to know about Doodles

Doodles is a collection that contains 10,000 profile pictures (PFP) NFTs. It is known for its pastel-colored palette, and cartoon-like characters. The collection was created and maintained by Evan Keast, Scott Martin (“Burnt Toast”), and Jordan Castro (“Poopie”). Castro and Keast both have extensive experience with NFT and early web3 initiatives. They also worked previously for Dapper Labs. Castro was the product lead for Dapper Labs CryptoKitties, an early ETH NFT that allowed users breed and trade cats. Martin, better known as Burnt Toast in web3, had been creating “Doodle-like art” long before the official launch for the Doodles collection. His earliest 1/1 pieces have been sold for over 15 ETH.

Doodles has provided tremendous advisory and executive support to its team over the years, in addition to having a strong founding team. Julian Holguin, an ex-executive at Billboard, was appointed in May 2022 as Doodles’ acting CEO. He will help Doodles increase its IP through music and gaming. Pharrell Williams, the musical superstar, joined Doodles as Chief Brand Officer in June 2022. He is currently working to produce a musical album with Columbia Records called “Doodles Records Volume 1”. Alexis Ohanian, best known for founding Reddit, has been a strong advocate of web3 and NFT projects. But perhaps Doodles is her strongest advocate. Ohanian’s venture company 776 led a $54M fundraising round for Doodles, which valued the brand at $704M.

Doodles’ genesis NFT collection was launched on October 16, 2021. It was first available to an authorized list, then it was made available to the general public. Each Doodles NFT cost 0.123ETH or approximately $475 on its mint day. Doodles NFT holders have access to a few benefits including exclusive allowlists, community partnerships, free Doodles NFT claim and the chance to vote on Doodlebank propositions.

Doodlebank (decentralized autonomous organisation) is a DAO that allows Doodles holders to vote for community initiatives using funds from the project Treasury. Initial funding for the Doodlebank was $5 million. It has been responsible for Noodles and Pukenzas being created, which are notable derivative projects. You can vote on additional proposals in the Doodles Discord.

Although the Doodles genesis collection was its most significant launch, the Doodles ecosystem is slowly but surely expanding. The ultimate goal is mass adoption of Doodles IP by “millions” more holders. Below, we will walk you through the various pieces of Doodles’ ecosystem.

Space Doodles was the first innovation in Doodles’ ecosystem expansion. Space Doodles is a companion project that is non-dilutive and available to all genesis Doodles NFT holders. Doodles launched Space Doodles in a unique way to maintain the 10,000 NFT total, unlike other NFT collections which dropped companions that increased ecosystem supply. Holders do not produce a separate NFT. Instead, they “wrap” their original Doodle NFT and send it into space with a spaceship with varying traits.

Although the launch was a technological innovation and a unique idea in implementation, there was some confusion at first. Due to the popularity of other companion collections

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