Dungeons & Dragons Backtracks on NFT Ban After Community Backlash

Wizards of the Coast (publisher behind Dungeons & Dragons) will not ban NFTs or associated products from its platform. This decision was made after strong opposition from the tabletop gaming community. After weeks of consideration, the announcement was made after the entity tried to protect its intellectual property against being exploited and abused by third parties.

Wizard of the Coast announced that it would be revising its Open Game License (OGL), to address three major issues. These were trying to use D&D Web3, blockchain games and NFTs. Thus the entity tried to clarify that OGL content was “limited” to tabletop roleplaying content such as modules, campaigns, and supplements.

The move would have prevented creators from creating D&D inspired NFTs. There was a lot of anger within the tabletop community when the announcement was made. They felt that the edit was unfair.

Dungeons & Dragons are Surprised by the Poll Results

D&D publishers conducted a poll to see how many people opposed the move before they implemented the update.

They would discover that 86% of respondents to the survey were “dissatisfied” with the draft policy (virtual tabletop), which included language against derivative NFTs from third parties.

The company stated in a blog post that “We wanted the OGL to be limited to [tabletop role playing games]” . The company added that “with our new approach, that is being set aside and we are counting on your choices to determine the future of play.”

They couldn’t resist the overwhelming support for Creative Commons, which allows content to be used for whatever purpose.

The entity was forced to abandon the Open Game License update. Moving forward, the company plans D&D content to be placed in its System Reference Document using a Creative Commons license that’s “open-ended and irrevocable.”

NFT News Today: Dungeons & Dragons reverses NFT Ban After Community Backlash

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