Emergent Games Announces Resurgence on IMX 

ImmutableX added another Web3 game to its growing list of gems. Resurgence by Emergent Games!

ImmutableX (IMX) will be home to Resurgence, the latest Web3 gaming phenomenon. Emergent Games has chosen IMX to be its blockchain for Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), a RPG game.

Emergent CEO Ian Hambleton stated in a statement that “We spent a lot of time assessing different options for our Blockchain partner, but ImmutableX is the standout choice. They have all the technology and tools they need. They also provide the support you need to be a web3 game developer. Their laser-focused focus on gaming makes all the difference. And their commercial model fits our vision at Emergent Entertainment. We are proud to be able to offer Game First AAA games, frictionless onboarding, and hidden technology. They are expected to be the dominant Web3 gaming company.”

Complete ownership of assets

Resurgence is a survival thriller set in a post-apocalyptic future. You are placed in a dangerous environment where you must rebuild Earth after its fall.

Players will be able to take full control of their in-game assets through NFTs. Players will be able to trade their assets, such as skills and weapons, with one another.

The Resurgence Gen 0 NFTs were sold quickly as the excitement for the game reached fever pitch.

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IMX is a leader in Web3 gaming

IMX is a leader in Web3 gaming due to its scalability and low gas costs. Popular games such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians are available on the platform.

IMX also recently invested heavily in games on their platform. We’re likely to see a big year for Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution.

Andrew Sorokovsky is VP of Global Business Development for Immutable. He said that the Emergent team has over four centuries of combined experience in publishing AAA games and building them. This gives them a unique opportunity to bring new quality to Web3 gaming. We are thrilled to welcome Resurgence into the IMX ecosystem in order to provide a compelling and uncompromising experience for our users.

Emergent Games is a Web3-based gaming studio that was founded by industry professionals from traditional gaming. Simon Rutter, chairman of Emergent Games, was formerly an EVP at Sony Playstation.

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