ETHBoy 4th Edition By Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones today releases the 4th edition EthBoy. The NFT painting by Vitalik Buterin, which features Vitalik in a harlequin costume, was created by Trevor Jones. This edition celebrates the birthday of the Ethereum co-founder.

Trevor Jones created the fourth edition of the generative art in the style Pablo Picasso’s Paul as Harlequin. It was made in collaboration with Grammy-winning DJ Sasha. The artwork will be on display at Oxford Street in London.

The NFT is part the ETHEREAL Collection, which will feature an Ethboy version with Async Art each six months for five years. This collaboration was done with DJ Don Diablo and Alotta money. Async Art allows creators to create digital art that changes over time and responds to external stimuli. The painting also changes daily depending on factors like Ethereum’s price or network gas fees. This is the latest edition, which celebrates Buterin’s birthday on January 31. Jones stated that the collection’s purpose is to tell Buterin’s story through art. It will be a historical work of art as well as a sought-after item for the partners and collectors.

Without talking about ETHboy, we can’t forget Alotta Money. Alotta money was a French crypto artist, and NFT Machine who is well-known for his powerful and unique digital art. He was a pioneer in crypto art and an influential figure within the NFT community. His work was an eclectic mix of cyberdelic, anarchic and hilariously subversive art. He also created Twitter banners and classic painting profanations. Alotta Money was also a well-known architect and designer in metaverse. Alotta Money was born in Buenos Aires. His detailed, playful and beautiful art can still found on major crypto art platforms today. Unfortunately, he died from cancer in March 2022. However, his impact on the crypto art community will live on.

It began as a painting that paid tribute to Picasso’s “Paul Dressed as Harlequin” and Trevor Jones’s “Ethereum Boy” recast Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) in the role as harlequin. In collaboration with Alotta money, Trevor’s creation was brought to life in the programmatic work “EthBoy”. EthBoy, an elusive and curious figure, navigates the fluctuating fortunes of crypto world daily. He can be seen soaring high above the clouds, or plunging into the stygian depths.

Through 2026, Trevor Jones ETHboy will be following 10 chapters. Learn more about each piece by clicking here

The links below will be live as each chapter of Ethboy becomes available. You can follow his story by clicking the links.

  • Chapter 1 – KsTHKsRKsAL

  • Chapter 2 – IMMORTAL

  • Chapter 3 – THE MERGE

  • Chapter 4 – TRANSCEND (I’ll Spread My Wings)

  • Chapter 5 – ETA August 2023

  • Chapter 6 ETA February 2024

  • Chapter 7 ETA August 2024

  • Chapter 8 – ETA February 2025

  • Chapter 9 – ETA August 2025

  • Chapter 10 – ETA February 2026

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones graduated with a MA in Fine Art (Hons), from Edinburgh College of Art. Since 2012, Jones has been blending technology and art for more than ten years. He started with QR code oil paintings and AR in 2013. His 2017 investment in Bitcoin led to a change in direction for his work, and led him to create AR-themed AR paintings. He eventually found himself in the dynamic world NFTs.

About ASYNC art

Async Art, a decentralized platform that allows users to create, buy, and sell digital art assets using Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs), is called Async Art. Artists can create unique digital assets that are verifiable and can be traded, bought and sold on the blockchain. Collectors can own unique, valuable digital assets that are rare and authentic. Async Art allows you to add animations, interactivity and other multimedia elements to your art pieces. This makes the platform an excellent hub for cutting-edge media art.

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