EtherOrcs Ends Development

EtherOrcs was once a well-known NFT project. This is due to its unique approach towards NFTs. EtherOrcs launched without any plans to monetize, unlike other projects. The game was loved by many dedicated fans, who enjoyed its lore and gained a large following.

EtherOrcs was popular, but it ended up closing down due to lack of funding. The project was unable to sustain its current funding levels, and the team behind it had to decide to stop the project.

The EtherOrcs project has embraced a new approach for NFTs despite this setback. The team behind the project is not allowing it to disappear into infamy. Instead, they are embracing the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0). This means that EtherOrcs’ IP is now available to others for them to use and build on.

The EtherOrcs project is proud to have obtained the CC0 license. This allows for new exciting projects that will carry on the spirit of the EtherOrcs project. The IP is now available for everyone to use. This opens up the possibility of new games, merchandise, or other products that will keep EtherOrcs’ legacy alive.

The story of EtherOrcs is a great example of the importance of funding NFT projects. Despite its popularity it was ultimately shut down by a lack of funding. The project can now be revived by embracing CC0. It’s a fascinating case study in NFTs, regardless of whether you are a fan or not. It serves as a reminder about the importance of sustainability within the crypto world.

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