Exclusive: Doodles Unveils Doodles 2 Details and Flow Expansion

The long-awaited announcement about Doodles 2 would be the most influential NFT moment. The anticipated next iteration to the popular Doodles project, an ecosystem expansion that has been in the works for over a year, is finally here. Surprise! It won’t take place on Ethereum.

This may not be a surprise to Doodles 2 fans, who were first revealed this summer. However, it is a huge undertaking that crosses multiple chains. Doodle holders and others nearby need not worry because the bizarre, wide, colorful, and colourful world that Scott Martin (Burnt Toast), Evan Keast, Jordan Castro and Scott Martin (Doodles) have been creating will soon be revealed.

What is Doodles 2 exactly?

While there may be a variety of opinions about the frequency and form of communication via the Doodles twitter account, it is not hard to see how significant developments have been made by the project in the last year. Doodle community members have a lot of things to look forward to, from Space Doodles, to the Dooplicator and Genesis Box, Doodle Records and, of course, to Pharrell Williams’ onboarding to the executive team.

Despite the many ups and downs in the NFT market one thing has remained constant: Doodles is a collection that can hold 10,000 PFP NFTs. No more, no less. Doodles 2 is now available and aims to expand this ecosystem.

“The Doodles 2 mission was to make Burnt Toast and our digital identity accessible to everyone. Castro spoke to nft about the best tools for retaining people over the past year and a quarter. But, you’ll be able to see that there are some hurdles and friction with this. Right now, Doodles cost multiple ETH per piece and there are only 10,000. This is how we get people to join our community and our NFT ecosystem.

Doodles 2 is more than just a companion project. It will be a new initiative that aims to onboard more people onto Doodles, particularly those who are not part of the Ethereum NFT community. The new initiative, which is being marketed as “A Doodle for Everyone”, comes on the heels Doodles’ acquisition award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf. It focuses on dynamic NFTs built using the Flow blockchain.

Roham Gharegozlou is the CEO of Dapper Labs, where Castro and Keast worked. He told nft that he was excited to see the company grow, noting that they are well positioned to build the future Web3. Doodles is an already iconic brand that has a vibrant community. Doodles 2 will be a great alternative to Flow. It offers a simple user experience, scalable technology and no gas fees. He stated that the next wave of Web3 adoption will be all about utility and enjoyment – and it’s exciting for Doodles to lead the way.”

What can collectors expect from this expansion

Specifics regarding mechanics will be available on January 31. Doodle holders will be rewarded on this day, and the project’s multi-chain journey will begin with activating the Dooplicator. This “super-powered device” is said to have “perpetual use” beyond Doodles 2.

Dooplication is the first step in the Doodles 2 journey, through which holders can make first edition Doodles 2 wearables. The next step will be about a month later when the Genesis Box opens to allow holders to make second-edition wearables. Each edition of wearables that are not unlocked during the release period will come with a Doodles 2 Beta pass, which gives holders access to the private beta of the make-your-own Doodle tool.

Doodles 2 is the customizable Doodle. […] Doodles 2 offers two types of NFTs, which Castro said is different from the original collection. The first one is called the Doodle. It is a mannequin or a base character. Your Doodle can have different attributes. These attributes can be customized on your Doodle. The wearable is the second type of NFT. These wearables can be combined to make the look you want.

Doodles 2 characters in OG wearables

Doodle holders will have the ability to personalize their NFTs’ body, hairstyle, emotions, and wearables from the beginning. The new Doodles microeconomy will allow everyone to buy, trade, and trade wearable NFTs. Doodles 2 allows users to create a basic Doodle, select generic traits such as skin tone or hair color, and then change their appearance as often as they wish. Marquee drops will be the next step for Doodles 2 holders. These marquee drops will feature new wearables collections, some with in-line products, brand collaborations, and partnerships with musicians and creators. You can also switch between full-body and PFP perspectives, unlock an animated version of an NFT and listen to original music.

“Our core community, people who use their Doodles to create derivative artwork and social representations for themselves, place their Doodles in different environments, and they create a lot. Holguin stated that the Doodle becomes part of their identity on social media.

He said, “The cool thing about Doodles 2 [holders] is that it gives them more tools to create that digital representation” of themselves. This, you know creates more opportunities to build the identity we want. The Flow blockchain works well for this product and onboarding the millions of people we hope will one day use it.

Doodles 2 on Flow: What’s next?

Doodles 2 will now be hosted on Flow. However, the founder of the project stated that they would continue investing in the Doodles ecosystem via Ethereum. The project’s founders noted that NFTs are likely to continue being multi-chain in the future. They released a press release stating that additional initiatives such as expanded licensing opportunities or expanded access within Doodles ecosystem will remain with the original Doodles collection.

“We are not tied to Flow for the future products. Castro stated that Castro would choose the right chain for the problem he was trying to solve. “Yes, Doodles 2 is a product that can reach the masses. However, it is important to contextualize this in the way we view the space at present. […] We believe that multi-chain is essential to move our roadmap forward,” Holguin said.

Although it is still unclear what the Flow expansion will have on Doodles’ community, it has become apparent that the Doodles team remains committed to helping define what it means for a Web3 brand. As we have seen with other NFT projects that are influential, IP-free communities often create value and break new ground.

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