Fraggle Rock NFT Trading Cards Storm onto the Flow Blockchain

A new partnership was formed with Web3 company. ‘Tibles’, the 80s classic Fraggle Rock is now entering the NFT world via Flow blockchain.

Fans of Fraggle Rock can now trade and collect digital trading cards featuring well-known characters through the Tibles Fraggle Rock online and app. Five cards are included in each pack for $4.99. These cards can be used to decorate a virtual “room” or fill up a virtual stickerbook. The platform also features a chat function that allows you to trade cards, and receive regular updates. This creates a fun and interactive environment for fans.

The ideal brand for Digital Collectibles

Melissa Segal, head consumer products at The Jim Henson Company said that “Fraggle Rock is a loved franchise for over 40 years” and that adults who grew-up with the show are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy their favourite characters. It was created to entertain and encourage understanding and acceptance of diversity. From a group of fun-loving furry subterranean animals, came 96 episodes, 100 original songs, and millions of fans around the globe.

Aaron Hickle, Tibles’ VP of Marketing, says that “Fraggle Rock” is the ideal brand to offer a collection experience. “Fraggle Rock’s themes are still relevant and they are helping to build a new generation by deeply engaging them.”

The franchise is excited to welcome new fans to its exciting digital collectibles venture with the renewal of “Fraggle Rock”.

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