GEN-X NFTs: The ’80s-Themed Collection Designed for an Entire Generation

If MTV, Back to The Future, or PAC-MAN make your heart skip a beat, the GEN-X VIP NFT collection is for you. Designed for the love of the ’80s, this retro-pop collection pays homage to everything the Gen-X grew up with. In fact, each NFT acts as your entry ticket to an exclusive community with virtual and IRL events, education, and nostalgia. The Web3 era has begun, and you can get the best out of it with GEN-X NFT!

Minting for their debut collection starts on January 28th, so let’s find out all about this amazing project ASAP!

GEN-X is the latest NFT project ready to take the Web3 world by storm – and bring an entire generation along!

What is GEN-X NFT?

GEN-X is a Web3 brand on a mission to entertain, educate, and empower the Gen-X generation. In essence, this project aims to embark +65 million Gen-Xers born between 1965 and 1980 to a new era. These people have the highest average income of all generations and about 22 million of them want to buy an NFT, but don’t know where to start!

That’s when GEN-X NFT steps in.

This project offers a safe community for Gen-Xers to learn how the NFT market works. In terms of design, the entire brand is inspired by the ’80s pop culture and memorabilia! From TV stars to parody collectibles and themed games, you’re about to travel Back to The Future – all in the Web3 space.

“We’re the only NFT brand with plans to onboard an entire generation, many of whom feel that they missed out on the internet boom. They don’t want to be left behind this time, as Web3 becomes the next tech wave,” said Sarah Monson, Brand Founder.

This unique journey begins by minting a GEN-X NFT from their debut VIP collection.

Each colorful collectible features hand-drawn traits inspired by the ’80s culture.

The VIP Collection: What Should You Know?

The VIP collection by Gen-X NFT consists of 789 digital assets. The avatars’ main inspiration is Latchkey Kids (aka young goats) and each trait sends you back to the ’80s culture. Accordingly, the founding team has spent one year creating these collectibles to reflect every Gen-Xer’s passions and culture as a kid.

Here are the best things waiting for you once you mint an NFT:

  • Access to an exclusive community with Web3 educational materials;
  • Invitations to virtual and real-life retro events to soak in the culture you grew up in;
  • Free mints to the two upcoming GEN-X NFT collections and airdrops (also based on Latchkey Kids);
  • A chance to get one of the 20 mystery NFTs to exchange for a custom digital asset.

The best part? You might also mint one of the 30 ultra-rare 1:1 NFTs from the collection! These digital artworks are basically parodies of unforgettable moments in the ’80s culture.

Remember: you can take part in the project raffle right now on the GEN-X NFT official platform! The raffle ends on January 27th, and the mint date is set for January 28th with 0.25 ETH per piece.

Of course, this amazing project wouldn’t have been possible without a great team behind. Let’s meet the founders!

digital poster of the GEN-X NFT collection
The project founders aim to support Gen-Xers in embracing the Web3 tech era in a familiar way.

Who Founded the GEN-X NFT Project?

As Gen-Xers themselves, Jesse Rosenblatt and Sarah Monson created the brand. The two amass more than 40 years of experience in media, including Emmy-winning TV shows, Super Bowl ads, and Fortune 100 commercials.

Together with a team of experienced Web3 experts and creators, the two founders are ready to take this new era by storm.

“Gen-Xers love collectibles, nostalgia, and 80s pop culture. Our goal is to trigger fun, shared childhood memories of the satisfying, simpler times of the 80s,” they said. The team also hopes that their community will “grow our safe and helpful community of fellow Web3 newbies.”

Whether you’re a Gen-Xer, or simply love the ’80s pop culture, you can join the GEN-X NFT raffle now. Meanwhile, make sure to check out the project’s growing Twitter and Discord communities for exclusive updates, future launches, and more!

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