How To Create An Ordinal NFT: Gamma Makes it easy

Are you unsure what Ordinals or Inscriptions are? Start here.

You need to know a few things if you want to make Bitcoin your own currency. This is a complicated process and we cannot be held responsible for any errors you make.

Make a new BTC Wallet

You should first get a BTC wallet. Consensus seems to revolve around sparrow wallet. Here are the reasons.

It is recommended that you use a different address in order to receive an ordinal inscription. This will ensure proper viewing and management. This ensures that only the ordinal is stored in the address and not any other associated bitcoins. The wallet can be “forward-compatible”, which means it will work with future developments in the management of ordinal inscriptions.

You can create a new address by using a Bitcoin wallet such as Sparrow. Follow the instructions to set it up. This wallet cannot be used to send bitcoins, unless manually selected coins are made. Taproot-based addresses can be used to receive bitcoins from traditional Segwit addresses. This wallet will fully benefit from the benefits of ordinal inscriptions.

Gamma appears to be the easiest method to create NFTs. These steps are simple.

Gamma has made it simple for you to make Bitcoin NFTs Ordinal inscriptions.

Gamma will introduce no-code ordinal inscribings for anyone who has a Bitcoin (BTC), address. Gamma aims to make creating inscriptions easy and user-friendly.

Gamma manages four aspects of the creation process for inscriptions to achieve this goal:

  1. Gamma optimizes images for faster processing and better quality.
  2. Gamma handles the creation of inscriptions. Customers can upload any image or text they wish to have inscribed. Gamma does not require complex software nor the operation of a node. Gamma provides real-time fee rates information to assist customers in making an informed decision about the cost of their inscription.
  3. Delivery of inscriptions: Inscriptions are delivered directly to the customer’s Bitcoin taproot address or other ordinals-compatible address. The inscription is irrevocable once it has been received. 100% ownership remains with the customer.
  4. Gamma offers tracking and viewing tools for inscriptions. Gamma keeps customers updated on their status, from payment to delivery. Gamma allows customers to view and share their ordinal online.

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