Huge Day of Sales for the SocialBEES University DAO NFT’s

socialBees university DAO

The SocialBees University DAO has been on fire with their recent daily auctions, but recently secondary sales of these incredible NFT’s has been heating up tremendously and excitement is buzzing through the air. Check out the recent sales from the last 24 hours from Dr. Toeconomian’s Twitter. These Bees NFT’s are going fast, so get one for under 1 ETH while you still can. Check out the SocialBees on Opensea
Social Bees University DAO

SocialBees NFT Secondary Sales July 18/19

What are The SocialBees?

Social BEES are a collection of 13,838 NFTs (10,038 in Public Mint SOLD OUT) representing the burning desire to win the right wayβ€”principles before profits. Each BEE is unique, programmatically generated. While some claim to be rarer than others, they all offer exclusive experiences and opportunities for the collectors who bring them to life. Your BEE doubles as your Social BEES University membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. Visit for more details.

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