Immutable’s New Solution for Web3 Gaming

The company’s next step is to mass-adopt Web3 gaming with the Immutable Passport.

ImmutableX aims to bring Web3 gaming into a new era through its Immutable Passport. The Passport is an easy and secure onboarding solution for game studios. The Immutable Passport also fulfills the needs of game developers by providing security, simplicity and plug-and-play features.

The Immutable Passport

The Passport is basically a wallet that allows holders to access marketplaces, analytics and community. It also facilitates a seamless sign up process. Sign-up is easy and requires no password. Users will receive a unique password via email. It’s a simple and familiar login process that doesn’t leave anyone behind who isn’t a crypto user.

Gamers will have tight security and won’t be hacked or forgotten their password. The Immutable Passport, in essence, is a non-custodial tool that gives the holders full control over their assets and private keys.

Developers and players will also have access to the entire Immutable ecosystem. This includes many user-friendly features. Gamers can continue doing what they love and developers have the tools to scale globally.

The first billion:

ImmutableX (IMX), a leader platform for building and scaling Web3 gaming, is now available. ImmutableX is a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain that focuses on Web3 games. IMX also tackles the challenge of integrating developers and traditional gamers onto the blockchain.

The Immutable Passport is designed to eliminate barriers to entry and provide a simple way for people to play and participate in blockchain gaming. Its mission is to make blockchain gaming simple, safe, and easy.

Robbie Ferguson, Immutable President, and co-founder of Web3 Gaming, stated: “Web3 gaming must reach a billion users, onboarding must remain invisible, secure and work across all games – mobile, console, or desktop.”

“Security and friction were tradeoffs up until now. Passport is a self custodial wallet that allows users to sign in using only an email address and a one-time password. It will revolutionize the game for players and dramatically reduce acquisition costs.

The Passport has Games

Initial launch of the popular games Guild of Guardian & Gods Unchained will include the Immutable Passport.

Although the Immutable Passport will be available in April 2023 for developers and game studios, integration can begin now. Find out more at this link.

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