Irish Distillers Make Bold Move Into The Metaverse

Do you want to buy a virtual whiskey from the metaverse? The Irish Distillers applied recently for US trademarks to protect Jameson whiskey.

According to the patent filing, the company plans to explore the use of virtual bars, drinks, merchandise and NFT stores, as well as online marketplaces and online marketplaces. It also plans to create online marketplaces for traders to buy and exchange digital products, in addition to NFTs.

Irish Distillers spokeswoman said that the increasing popularity of the metaverse was too great to ignore.

The spokeswoman said that Irish Distillers, like many other global brands, began to seek registration of Jameson brand IP under new trademark classes in order to support its future endeavors.

Irish Distillers – Not The First, Certainly Not the Last

Although Irish Distillers’ move is bold and premature, many other brands are making moves into the Web3 space.

Many beverage companies have begun to explore this futuristic idea after Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg, stated that virtual universes were the next chapter of the internet.

Pernod Ricard announced recently that Maison Martell would be the first French cognac house in The Sandbox metaverse. Visitors will be able to experience the Martell Chateau in a virtual environment.

Johnnie Walker of Diageo and Captain Morgan from Diageo hosted virtual happy hour at the first NFT conference in the world last year. Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week was then given a virtual bar by the brand.

Johnnie Walker’s first NFT collection was sold out within 10 minutes when it was launched with BossLogic. Companies are not only using the metaverse to advertise their products, but they also protect their NFT and virtual properties from fraudulent fraudsters.

Metaverse Music Festivals: Virtual Drinks

You can now drink at virtual festivals, thanks to the availability of bars and branded beverages in the metaverse. If you find this appealing, there were some Web3 festivals that took place last year.

The first ever Pride Festival was held in The Sandbox metaverse. It featured attendees who were able to revisit many of their favorite experiences during an engaging digital reality event.

Decentraland hosted a four day music festival in November featuring major A-list artists like Soulja Boy, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bjork. The event featured multiple stages featuring artists as well as interactive attractions that made it truly immersive.

Jameson Whiskies, Music Festivals, and other exciting developments are all happening as brands continue to experiment with NFTs and virtual worlds. The best part is that everyone wins.

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