Jack Butcher’s Checks Derivatives Have Taken Over Web3

Jack Butcher’s Checks VV, is without a doubt taking over Web3. It began as an artistic experiment, and a social comment on Web2 and Web3 concepts. Now it has outgrown its walls. Checks’ identity is now evident in a variety of derivative projects, ranging from Web3 tropes and memes from the early 2000s to classic art. These derivatives are featured on the official Checks VV website, which currently has 415 of them. Heck, even our logo got the Checks VV treatment.

We may be witnessing Web3 History, given the extent and depth of Checks’ reach. There has been no other NFT initiative that provided such an open platform for the Web3 community to express their creativity, raise money for humanitarian causes or just have a good time. Checks and its derivatives have brought together Web3 through the eyes of artists and collectors who have put their own spin on it.

Seedphrase, Chromiesquiggles, and many more

Although there are many Checks VV derivatives, it is difficult to list them all here. However, a few have caught the attention of the Web3 community. Venture-punk.eth’s Chromie Squiggles is the first. Venture-punk.eth created a Checks VV classic in honor of Erick Calderon (the creator of Art Blocks) and their iconic Chromiesquiggles collection. Checks has been interpreted in many unique ways by Seedphrase, Lana Denina and Young & Sick, the legendary collector.

Credit: venture-punk.eth
Credit: Seedphrase

Credit: Lana Denina

VincentVanDough’s Pepe Checks

Checks derivatives even inspire their own derivatives. Vincent VanDough, a pseudonymous NFT collector and thought leader, released his Pepe Checks Open Edition on February 4. The Pepe Checks open edition was priced at $6.90 per piece and made available for 24 hours. VanDough received a new $1,641,296. This is more than three times the amount of Butcher’s Checks from the original mint and creator royalties.

VVD’s steps were quickly followed by Illustrator Oxdgb, who created their own version Pepe Checks using VVD’s unique security camera aesthetic. Fans of the image will not be able to get that derivative’s derivative. Oxdgb made this one “just for fun”.

Beeple was the next to join in on the Pepe Checks action. He added his unique twist to VincentVanDoughs’ derivative. The artwork was noticed by VincentVanDough and Butcher, let’s just say. Beeple is likely to be inspired by your work.

Art history checks

The influence of Checks is not limited to the present. This project has touched on some of the most important works in art history. Gillesdc reworked several of these pieces, including Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory” and Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” The artist also did the same with several other artworks like Rene Magritte’s “The Son of Man” and “The Treachery of Image.”

Humanity Checks assists those in need

Butcher isn’t only using the Checks VV popularity to encourage collaborative creative thinking in Web3, he’s also using it for helping people in need. Butcher announced the open edition minting of Humanity Check on Twitter, February 6th to help victims of the earthquake in Turkey. This has resulted in thousands of deaths and entire blocks being razed.

Humanity Check. Credit: Jack Butcher

100 Meals. Credit: Jack Butcher

Another open edition of Butcher’s aid-related Open Editions has been brought back to the forefront by Checks’ popularity. Butcher launched the 100 Meals OE in November 2022. Each minted NFT represents a 100-meal donation for Feed America’s national network of food banks. Web3 has been directed by several NFT community members to the mint over the past few weeks. This has helped push the mint count to 20,896, which is more than two million meals.

Jack Butcher’s efforts to foster inter-ecosystem cooperation and togetherness is something that the Web3 community should be proud of and appreciate. Although community is perhaps the most common buzzword in crypto, it’s also a well-known one. Checks VV is exactly the project that the blockchain was created for and it is the first to incite such high levels of solidarity and goodwill within the NFT community.

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