Join Midnight in Paris, Pudgy Penguins’ Ultimate NFT Experience

Pudgy Penguins are coming to Paris! The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continues to evolve, with more and more innovative projects emerging on the scene. One of the latest collaborations is between two of the most popular NFT projects, Pudgy Penguins and DeGods. The two companies have announced a joint event, called “Midnight in Paris.” To clarify, the event will take place on February 24th in the city of lights.

Pudgy Penguins and DeGods are teaming up for 1 night in Paris. Credit: The Street.

What are Pudgy Penguins Doing in Paris?

Pudgy Penguins is known for its cute and quirky NFT characters. In fact, these NFTs are highly collectible and have many uses, including gaming, social media, and more. On the other hand, DeGods was founded by FrankDeGods and offers users the opportunity to participate in immersive virtual experiences.

“Midnight in Paris” will bring together Pudgy Penguins and DeGods. This will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the two NFT platforms and what makes them special. Moreover, the event will be an intimate affair. Holders of Pudgy Penguins and DeGods NFTs can expect RSVP details in the next week.

Pudgy Penguins and DeGods holders should watch for the RSVP. Credit: Tech In Asia.

In-Person Events Bringing Web3 Together

This collaboration between Pudgy Penguins and DeGods is a testament to the ability of NFTs to bring people together. Whether you are a seasoned NFT collector or just starting to explore this exciting world, this event is sure to be a great opportunity to learn more about two of the most innovative NFT projects out there. So, if you’re in Paris on February 24th, be sure to mark your calendar and RSVP to be part of the fun!

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