Justin Aversano is coming to BTC with “Colin in the car”

Art lovers, get ready! Justin Aversano’s latest NFT photography collection, “Colin in the Car”, is taking the crypto world by storm. It will be available on the Bitcoin network tomorrow. This is certain to make a big impact.

Bitcoin NFTs are a hot topic lately. Ordinals is leading the charge, and many Ethereum-based projects hint at possible crossovers with the Bitcoin network. Justin Aversano, who is set to be the first to release a collection on Bitcoin network with “Colin In the Car”, is ahead of the curve.

This collection is a significant milestone in the worlds of NFTs as well as photography. “Colin in the Car”, a tribute to Aversano’s early days as street photographer, will be the first Bitcoin-based photography project. The collection will be extremely sought-after by art collectors, as there are only 250 of them. Based on current market prices, the mint price is 0.2 BTC or approximately $4,300.

Justin Aversano & Twin Flames

Justin Aversano is a well-known name in the worlds of photography and NFTs. With his Twin Flames collection of photography, he was the first to create a photography collection on Ethereum. This quickly gained him a following from art enthusiasts and collectors. Aversano, in a Discord announcement, expressed excitement about his work being brought to the Bitcoin network. He recognized the unparalleled level of security it provides for his art.

For allowlist instructions, if you are a holder or a former work of Aversano, make sure to visit the “Colin in the Car” Discord. This is an opportunity once in a lifetime to acquire a piece history and a work that will be highly valued.

Get ready to add fire to your NFT collection with Justin Aversano’s “Colin in the Car” tomorrow. This drop will be a major event in the crypto community, so don’t forget to grab it!

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