InfiniGods Web3 Gaming Studio Debuts Their First Game: InfiniMerge

This month, the blockchain gaming studio InfiniGods is launching the first Play-to-Earn game, InfiniMerge. From its ancient Greek sceneries to digital rewards, this experience is perfect for historical-themed gaming fans as well... Read more »

Doodles Collectibles Moving to Flow

@doodles announced Wednesday that Doodles 2 would be moving to the Flow Blockchain in a statement to community. In the letter, @doodles also explained the roles of Genesis Boxes and Dooplicators in... Read more »

YSL Luxury Brand Launching Web3 NFT Campaign

GO BLACK OPIUM FRAGRANCE BUYING EASY STARTING JANUARY 30, 2014 – ONE OF ONLY 30 EXCLUSIVE YSL BEAUTY NIGHT BLOCKS FOR 2014. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty (YSL) is launching a Web3 campaign... Read more »

New York Assembly introduces the crypto payments bill to fines and taxes

> The bill clarifies that state agencies can legally agree to accept cryptocurrency payments and that these agreements should be enforced by the courts. A bill introduced to the New York State... Read more »

Emergent Games Announces Resurgence on IMX 

ImmutableX added another Web3 game to its growing list of gems. Resurgence by Emergent Games! ImmutableX (IMX) will be home to Resurgence, the latest Web3 gaming phenomenon. Emergent Games has chosen IMX... Read more »

Opinion: 3 Tips for Trading Ethereum This Year

> It’s a hard year to trade, but there are measures you can take to increase the likelihood you’ll succeed if you want to trade Ether. Cryptocurrency is a notoriously volatile industry,... Read more »

Roots In Ego Spends a Year in the Voxels Metaverse

Roots in Ego is a cinematic masterpiece that has been enthralling visitors to the Voxels realm for the past 12 months in its mini-cinema. The Metaverse has been showing the short drama... Read more »

Amazon is the Latest Tech Giant to Jump Into Web3

Amazon plans to join the Web3 realm as a NFT initiative. It turns out that Amazon will launch its digital asset enterprise in the spring. Blockworks has been informed by at least... Read more »

For Better or Worse, NFT Open Editions Are on the Rise

Officially, the rise of the open edition is here. The popularity of the open edition (OE) has increased throughout 2022. In recent months, thousands of Web3 builders and artists have created claim... Read more »

Nifty Gateway Founders Leave to Seek New Challenges

Nifty Gateway is about to undergo a major transformation as Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster (its twin founders) have announced their intention to leave the company. The departure of Duncan... Read more »