Manifold Announces Plans to Monetize Their Platform

TTL:DR, a premium NFT platform, offers an easy-to-use, low-cost and code-free approach to NFT creation. The platform’s recent announcement of a fair and transparent monetization plan that charges a flat fee for each transaction has made it the preferred destination for collectors and artists. Manifold has attracted some of the most prominent artists in NFT and is well positioned for future success thanks to its transparency and accessibility.

Manifold is the most popular NFT platform quickly became synonymous with premium NFT platforms. is the preferred destination for collectors and artists alike, thanks to its user-friendly interface and no-cost, non-code approach in NFT creation.

Manifold’s focus on simplicity, accessibility and ease of use is what sets it apart from other NFT platforms. Artists don’t need to have any technical knowledge or incur significant upfront costs to create and sell NFT collections. Manifold has been a huge success with collectors and artists alike and has propelled it to the forefront in the NFT space.

Manifold’s announcement of its monetization strategy further solidifies its position as the top NFT platform. A flat fee will be charged for every transaction on the platform. This fee will be added on to the price of any purchase, burn, redemption, or redemption of NFTs. The artist will still receive the proceeds from every transaction, despite the additional cost.

Simplified Fees (For Artists and Collectors)

The fee will be fixed and not subject to fluctuation based on each transaction’s value. This allows Manifold to provide fair compensation and also allows artists to continue creating NFTs uninterrupted. According to the platform, the transaction fee will average $1.

Manifold believes aligning with Ethereum is the best long-term strategy. The Manifold fee is the same regardless of how much NFT you mint. This transparent and fair approach ensures Manifold’s continued success and encourages more artists and creators to join the platform to create new NFT collections.

Manifold attracts some of the most prominent artists in NFT. Its easy-to-use interface and approach to NFT creation makes it a great platform for artists who want to enter the NFT market. Manifold’s dedication to transparency and fair monetization has won it the trust and respect of artists and collectors, further cementing its position as a leading NFT platform. quickly established itself as the leading source for collectors and artists in the NFT space. is leading the charge with its user-friendly interface and accessible approach to NFT creation. It also has a transparent and fair monetization strategy. Manifold is the right platform for anyone who wants to be involved in NFT creation.

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