Mastercard To Launch New Web3 Artist Accelerator Program For Musicians

Mastercard has expanded into web3 and music with its latest launch – a web3 enabled Music Artist Accelerator program. The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program that selects five curated artists to connect to mentors and dynamic fanbases. The program also empowers artists in their transition from web2 to web3. Read on to learn more about this unique artist incubation mission by Mastercard.

Mastercard Artist Accelerator: Powering Web3 Music

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program kicks off during Spring 2023 with a livestreamed artist showcase. The program will allow five up-and-coming music artists, such as musicians, DJ’s, producers, etc. all the knowledge and network they would need to navigate the near-future digital economy. On top of the resources and tools, Mastercard will also provide exclusive access to events, song releases, and more. All these in culmination aims to allow artists to create their careers in the digital music industry.

Furthermore, Mastercard is also launching a limited edition Mastercard Music Pass. This pass opens holders access to the Web3 x Music instructional materials in the program. This token allows fans and collectors can access the platform and train with the web3 artists themselves. Moreover, the pass also grants holders access to both IRL (in real life) and metaverse events. This in turn helps the fans understand and navigate the industry. The program covers various aspects of web3 – “from minting NFTs on the blockchain to representing themselves in virtual worlds.” By leveraging various Web3 platforms and services, the program is able to create a new community. ‎

More About Mastercard Artist Accelerator

The Mastercard Accelerator program and its subsequent passes are powered by the Polygon sidechain. The fan-driven artist experiences are a result of a need to provide new ways to engage and connect with fans. The new and growing web3 industry has not yet explored or realized its potential, which is especially true for up-and-coming artists.

This isn’t the first of Mastercard’s endeavors into web3, though. At the start of 2022, Mastercard teamed up with NFT Marketplace Coinbase to allow Mastercard members to buy crypto and NFTs directly using their cards. Later in the year, Mastercard partnered with Paxos to allow banks to offer crypto trading and other services.

The current market wave is a crucial time for NFTs and crypto in general. After the dust settles on the bad actors and the technology keeps improving and innovating, one of the most important factors for people to join the movement is via education. Mastercard has time and again shown massive support for the music industry, and its movements to expand their ecosystem via web3 and web3 artists is a commendable effort. The easiest way to stay updated on the Mastercard program is to sign up to the Artist Accelerator via the official website.

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