Mastercard Web3 Lead Quits Through NFT Resignation Letter

Mastercard NFT leader has resigned, citing poor working conditions. He also minted his resignation as an NFT. Satvik Sethi, in a series tweets, explains why he had to quit the position. Even though he tried his best to “evangelize Web3 Mastercard leadership and regional teams,”aswell as all of its Fortune 500 clients, partners, and customers, he was unable to do so.

Sethi has lost his UK work permit and will now be working in India. He is pleased that he made this difficult decision because it allows him to concentrate on Web3.

“Joincircle has become my number one priority. We have over 90,000.+ sign-ups, 35+ partner communities and 300,000+ potential customers waiting for the ultimate social network. My goal is to do justice to all of you. We are working on a platform and NFT collection. Keep checking, !”

This is better than working two jobs to make ends meet, despite the fact that you will lose your steady income. Sethi reports that his salary decreased by 40% after he moved from New York to London to fill the Mastercard NFT lead position. However, his workload increased by 2000% and he needed to work side jobs in order to continue his true passion: Web development.

He relates his experiences as an immigrant and the difficulties he faced, including separation from his family and friends. He also revealed that he was forced to ask for his salary from company decision-makers at times, which caused him emotional distress. His mental health was affected by constant panic attacks and depression.

Ex-Mastercard NFT Lead Still Positive About The Future

Although he didn’t get to say goodbye to clients and friends, he is optimistic about the future. He wrote a sincere thank you letter to his management, even though he had no choice but to accept the job.

You can purchase a resignation letter for $37 at press time. There are currently 111 pieces on the blockchain.

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