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Dear Bankless Nation

Open edition is booming.

Manifold, an innovative DIY NFT minting software suite, is a major reason.

Manifold offers many different minting styles, nearly a dozen NFT apps, and counting so creators can easily customize their drops.

Let’s review Manifold today, and how to set up your NFT smart contract, and then how to install any of its growing apps!


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Manifold: How to Use It for DIY NFT Minting and More

Amber Vittoria


Use manifold to mint

If you are using a wallet that has never created a Manifold Account before, these steps will help you get started with Manifold.

  1. Visit

  2. Click the “STUDIO LOGIN” button

  3. Click the “Connect Wallet” button to sign the transaction and enter

  4. Fill out your profile by entering your name/pseudonym and, optionally your email

  5. Next, you’ll be taken to your Manifold Studio dashboard. It will look something like this:

The Overview Page is your Manifold base command

You’ll now be able to access the “Overview” section. Here you can publish new NFT smart contracts , review, update and add to NFT projects that you have already launched via Manifold. You can start by clicking “New contract”, if you don’t have anything already.

  1. Choose a name to represent your contract

  2. Choose your NFT type (e.g. ERC721 (standard NFT type for 1/1s) and ERC1155 for flexible editions

  3. Choose your contract symbol

  4. Finally, enter the ASCII text to brand your smart contract. A search on the internet for “ASCII Text Art Generators” will return a variety of generator tools

Preparing your core smart contract details

  1. Once you’ve completed your information, click the “Deploy to Goerli” button. Then, switch over with your wallet to the Goerli Testnet.

  2. If you don’t have any Goerli Test ETH, go to

  3. then follow the link to sign up to an Alchemy account for a free to unlock the faucet

  4. After that, paste your wallet address in the Goerli Faucet Text Bar and then click the “Send me ETH” button. You’ll get 0.2 Goerli Ethereum.

  5. To create your test smart contract, press the “Deploy to Goerli” button.

  6. Wait until your contract is deployed and verified. This can take up 10 minutes. Then, go back to your dashboard. If you don’t want to mint a test token and instead press “Deploy to Mainnet” to launch your contract on Ethereum

Using your NFT smart contracts to create a mainnet

You will need to complete the contract deployment transaction. It costs approximately Ks0.008 ($13 US) at the time this post was written. Once the transaction has been completed, your NFT contract is live. Then you can click “Go to Dashboard” and start creating your Manifold NFTs.

Once you are in your NFT contract’s dashboard, you can click on the “Tokens tab to mint new tokens and the “Settings tab to set up your onchain royalties, approve administrative addresses, schedule holder snapshots and much more.

Manifold offers access to four popular mint styles for creators, including Single Tokens (1/1s), Editions (1/Xs), Batch Of Tokens (1/1/Xs) and Claim Pages (popular open editions that are free or can be paid).

The primary options for Manifold minting

You need to follow the same process when creating art using any of these methods. Upload your media file, fill in the description and properties information, then click the “Mint To Mainnet” button.

The next step is to wait for the metadata of your media to be uploaded to Arweave (a decentralized storage network) and then to complete the mint transaction. A 1/1 mint costs approximately Ks0.005 or $8 USD. It’s that simple! DIY creator-owned NFT Publishing ftw.

A successful completion of the Manifold mint

Now that you know the basics of creating your smart contract and issuing your first NFTs with Manifold, let us walk you through the growing collection of apps available to you by clicking the “Apps” tab in your Manifold Studio dashboard. This page will appear when you arrive at the project’s website:

These apps are currently available for Manifold installation

These resources now number 11 and are being developed by Manifold or sourced from the community. Here are some of the top examples:

  • Claim pagesto launch free, paid, timed or unlimited open versions

  • To redeem , set up a page called “Burn-to-Redeem ” where holders can use one type of NFT to create another .

  • Gallery to create and manage public auction pages for Manifold mints

  • Marketplace Blocker — To prevent marketplaces selling your NFTs (e.g. If they refuse to pay royalties

To use these apps, you will need to click the “Install” button. Once you have approved the installation, you can then start using them. If you want to add Claim Pages, you can simply click its “Open” button at the Apps page. From there, you can start creating limited- or open edition drops using the Manifold upload flow.

Download the Claim Page App to Do DIY Open Edition Drops

You will also find a “Collectors Hub” on your Manifold Studio dashboard. This hub allows you to view your most recent NFT collectors. It can be useful for learning more about your fans.

The Top Collectors UI

If you are an NFT collector and would like to stay on top of all the latest mints from Manifold, make sure to subscribe to some feeds such as the one shown here. (マ,マ)


Are you looking for the next Open Edition of Manifold Claim Page? Check out the following feeds: by @manifoldxyz by @kyokill_ and apps… by @jtgi

Action steps

  • You can DIY on Manifold – set up your NFT smart contract to install your favorite Manifold apps

  • Get the first issue of my weekly Metaversal recap format here

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