MMA Fighter Left Red Faced Following $1000 Ruse

Many NFT programs and collections are available online, and many are promoted by celebrities or influencers. Not all NFT programs and collections are properly vetted, and buyers may not be aware that their celebrity friend has been paid to promote them. Coffeezilla, a YouTuber, revealed that he paid Dillion Danis, an MMA fighter, 1000 dollars to promote a fake NFT program.

The Experiment That Worked

Coffeezilla tweeted on February 3, 2023 that he had reached the fighter to promote an NFT Collection.

He explained that anyone who “minted” the NFT would be taken directly to a URL listing all the scams Danis is alleged to have been involved in. These were mostly crypto schemes he had promoted over the years to his followers and tried to get removed from his social media.

The FAQ for the project Danis advertised states that users won’t actually receive any assets, highlighting the lack of diligence. Coffeezilla stated that he would make a follow up video about the incident and warned people not to buy schemes promoted by public figures.

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