Mutant Hounds Twitter Account Has Been HACKED!

Mutant Hounds’ Twitter account was hacked. Fans were stunned to find a link in the Mutant Hounds Twitter account leading to an airdrop. Except, there was no Mutant Hounds airdrop. The link was placed by hackers who took over the account. The team behind the project has since regained control and updated holders on what comes next.

The Mutant Hounds Account was briefly compromised. Credit: Mutant Cartel.

What Happened With The Hack?

The hack took place on December 29th and fans quickly noticed the suspicious Airdrop link. OKHotshot alerted the Crypto Twitter community to the hack on the same day. What’s more, OKHotshot discovered that the link had been recently registered with Namecheap. In fact, they asked the site to remove the hosting for the scam link. This is just the latest in a series of hacks that have involved Phishing Scams and Discord Hacks.

The team behind Mutant Hounds took to Twitter to update fans and holders. Credit:

How Did Mutant Hounds Respond?

Individual team members took to Twitter on Thursday the 29th to let the community know that the account had been recovered. By Friday the 30th, Mutant Hounds was back with an official post. First, they let holders know that the Hideout is coming soon. This will result in the minting of the Hounds. Then, they took the time to assert that there will be no surprise airdrops.

A cartoon mutant dog stands in a desert field with a slab of meat in its mouth.
Nevertheless, holders are bullish on the future of the Hounds. Credit: Mutant Hounds Twitter.

What Do Fans Need To Know?

Fans need to know that the Mutant Hounds Twitter account is no longer compromised. Additionally, the team will not be releasing surprise airdrops. Also, everyone in the Web3 community should take a moment to reflect on the importance of not clicking random links and using burner wallets. Still, holders are bullish on the Hounds and their upcoming release.

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