RenkoLondon is pleased to announce “NeonIST”, a new concept in neon colors that Devrim Erbil has used in his paintings of Istanbul. RenkoLondon, ErbilKare, and FAN3 curated the collection. It oozes neon colors and portrays Istanbul in a way that is unique.

Devrim Erbil is a master of fine art and Istanbul enthusiast. He has lived in Istanbul for more than 65 years and feels a strong connection to the city. His exclusive NFT collection, which includes a feature oil painting animated digitally by SillyGabe, neon monotype prints curated and curated by ErbilKare and limited silk screens, NFT visuals and an open edition created in collaboration with Renk Erbil, is his most renowned and prestigious.

Turkey’s rich history of art is rich. It dates back to the Hittites and Phrygians who left behind remarkable architectural and sculptural works. The Ottoman Empire, which existed from the 14th century to the early 20th centuries, was also a significant contributor to art development in Turkey. Topkapi Palace’s court workshops produced some of the most impressive examples of Islamic art. The Republic period saw the development of Turkish art, which has its own style thanks to the influence of Eastern and Western art movements. Turkey is a country that is renowned for its art and has a vibrant contemporary scene. There are also renowned museums and a growing market to both traditional and modern art. Turkey is home to many artists working in different mediums. Turkey’s rich cultural heritage and history continue to inspire the art that they produce.

The 321-piece “NeonIST”, a collection of neon pieces, marks the launch RenkoLondon’s NFT platform. The “NeonIST” series can be purchased at

RenkoLondon is an artist management and consultancy based in London. It also has studios in Istanbul, Bodrum and Istanbul. It is a leading UK promoter of contemporary British and Turkish artists. They manage a portfolio that includes outstanding artists and curate exhibitions, events and NFT projects. RenkoLondon’s NFT platform is designed to revolutionize how we create. It gives artists more freedom and allows them to connect with investors. This will allow artists to flourish outside the traditional gallery and auction house structures.

ErbilKare was founded in 2010 by Evrim Erbil, an Interior Architect. It specializes in designing and decorating projects with a focus to create unique and innovative spaces.

Devrim Erbil’s NeonIST collection can be purchased now at


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