NFT Daily Digest 2/13/23

Twitter Followers: $6.5M

Limit Break paid $6.5M to advertise the DigiDaigaku Dragons Super Bowl commercial

QR code to Gabe Leydon’s Twitter page, with a request for like and RT

Market fell from 12 ETH down to 8 ETH immediately after the advertisement.

Gabe Leydon gained 200k followers on Twitter over the weekend


Jack Butcher’s Checks were the most popular NFT project.

The price of checks – VV Edition dropped 37% to 1ETH

Checks – VV Originals is now available at 0.86ETH

More than 5,000 checks have been written, the current edition supply is at 10k

Open Editions continue

Kevin Abosch closes early on his OE, jumping 450% from 0.03 ETH up to 0.14 ETH

Ness Graphics launches a new phase of B4NKRUP7CY burn.

Killa Bears Announce Killa Burn Valentine’s Day

What other developments are there in NFTs

NFT market trading volume dropped to 15k $22,307.40. This is the lowest level in 2 months, but it’s not surprising considering all the attention paid to the super bowl.

Emblem Vault enabled 2 ETH+ for Bitcoin Punks

Justin Aversano has launched “Colin in the Car”, a new collection of photo NFT.

The Braindrops collection by Roope Rainisto saw a 150% increase in life in the West to 6.3 ETH

BEAST, a KID, reached a 1.7ETH floor and then retraced to 1.2ETH

Other news

Jeremy Booth announces a new collaboration with Wrangler at the “refresh your meta” moment

A CryptoPunk will be going to the Pompidou. Punk #110 will be sent by Yuga Labs and placed in the permanent collection of the museum.

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