NFT Trademark Filings Suggest Top Companies are Committed to Web3

NFT skeptics will make you believe that the NFT bubble is over. NFT trademark filings by top companies indicate something else. The increasing number of NFT trademark filings suggests “corporate America” sees potential uses for the technology.

Michael Kondoudis is an intellectual property lawyer who suggests paying attention to these trademarks because they can provide clues about potential uses for NFTs or associated technology.

Contrary to popular belief, big corporations are not jumping on the NFT bandwagon to be a novelty. The lawyer points out that it is impossible to register trademarks in the US if your intention to use the trademark is not to. A trademark application is easy to file. You must however, provide a sworn declaration that you will use the trademark in the future for the products or services listed.

Credit: Michael Kondoudis Esq.

More companies are submitting applications for NFT trademarks

However, just one month into the new year, several high-quality companies have filed NFT trademark applications. Kondoudis is keen to bring them to the attention of the public. Many well-known brands have already submitted applications. These include Nike, Absolute Vodka and Yves Saint Laurent. The latest addition is Irish Distiller International. This company makes Jameson whiskey.

According to recent reports, Irish Distillers plans to use NFTs to create virtual clothing, footwear, and alcohol drinks. They also need a trademark to use NFT trading software, trading platforms, virtual bars, and restaurants.

This is a very interesting sign of positioning as the metaverse develops. You can either use a trademark registered in the US for the specific products or services, or license it out.

Kondoudis stated to Coin Telegraph that trademark filings were reliable indicators of future plans for using marks for products and services.

This year’s filings of NFT-related patents could be more than last year if this trend continues. There were more than 7700 NFT-related patent applications filed in 2022.

NFT Trademark Filings Show Top Companies Are Committed to Web3 originally appeared on NFT News Today.

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