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Canto NFTs are gaining popularity

Canto NFTs are popular due to traders who want to make a profit from new blockchains’ success. People are looking for the “Crypunks of Canto”, early NFT projects which could significantly increase in value. This trend was evident with NFTs launched on Solana and Avax blockchains. However, it is usually not profitable. The recent rise in Canto NFTs was due to a large buy by Dingaling, a whale trader. Ding bets that these NFTs will still be important by Valentine’s Day. Others are unsure. It is fascinating to watch.

Doodles 2 live

Holders will be able to obtain Doodles II Beta Passes or Doodles II Wearables via their Dooplicators. These Doodles 2 collections can be traded on the Gaia Marketplace, Flow.

Doodles 2 Beta Passes started trading at $200 with a floor price and reached a trading volume around $13,000 within the first eight hours.

Doodles 2 Wearables have a more varied pricing structure. There is a $20 floor price and some items sell for much higher prices. For example, a pair of holographic boxesing gloves was sold for $850. Up to $44,000 has been traded on Gaia for the wearables.

After activation, Dooplicator’s floor price has fallen to 0.66 Ethereum this morning from 1.52 ETH peak last week. During the same time, the OG collection also dropped from 7.9 ETH down to 6.5 ETH.

Yuga Labs Clarifies Copyrights

Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit in June 2022, Yuga Labs v. Ryder Ripps et. Ryder Ripps, and his business partner Jeremy Cahen were sued for allegedly infringing on their trademarks. Yuga Labs claimed the defendants used its trademarks in their copycat Bored Apes collection, titled “RR/BAYC” without permission.

Yuga Labs representative Jeremy Goldman stated that Yuga Labs owns the copyright to the Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork. There are some differences between the BAYC and the more recent licenses for CryptoPunks or Meebits that were acquired from Larva Labs in March 2022.

Yuga Labs has the right to its artwork even though it is not officially registered.

Yuga Labs is the owner of the Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork copyright.

You can compare the relationship between copyright and material object to one that is shared by an artist and a collector. The copyright remains with the artist, even if the collector is the owner of the painting.

The BAYC NFT grants rights to the material object as well as the copyright.

RTFKT Pods Burn

RTKFT has updated its Space and Loot Pods and introduced a Lux Pod and Exo Pod to expand its Pod NFT program. In a tweet, the company stated that all Pods were designed to display collectibles as well as RTFKT sneakers.

New interior design and textures have been added to the Loot and Space Pods. The Exo pod is the largest and most luxurious of all. It can be described as a penthouse in space. The Lux Pod is a luxury space-themed item that was created for the most discerning collectors.

The Superbowl

The launch of the DigiDaigaku dragons whitelist registration site has shown that the Superbowl event will include elements of cryptocurrency and NFTs. This site offers individuals the chance to be chosen for a highly limited, free mint whitelist.

Participants can secure a Dragon NFT through a limited whitelist process before a Superbowl advertisement. This is an opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking development in cryptocurrency and NFTs. Whitelist registration has already begun so anyone interested is encouraged to act fast.

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