Nifty Gateway Founders Leave to Seek New Challenges

Nifty Gateway is about to undergo a major transformation as Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster (its twin founders) have announced their intention to leave the company. The departure of Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster will be followed by the launch of a new venture.

Information about the Departure

Duncan Cock Foster stated in a January 25, 2023 statement that he and his brother had agreed for the project to be acquired by Gemini in 2019.

span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>” We ended up staying the maximum amount of time that we initially thought possible, which is how great this experience was!” He said, adding that although they had been planning their exit for months, their final day is still unknown.

Duncan Cock Foster assured customers that Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss (CEOs of Gemini), would take Nifty to greater heights. He also promised to release a roadmap detailing the future of the project in the coming weeks. He said that his brother and he don’t know what they will do next, but that they would release a roadmap of the future after a sabbatical.

He also highlighted some milestones of Nifty Gateway, such as the payment out to artists in excess of $500 million and the development of new methods to sell NFTs.

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