Nifty Gateway Stuns with Dazzling ‘Post Photography’ Collection

AI art is hot in the tech and creative fields. Nifty gateway seems to be exploring this topic with its latest show. The collection is called “Post-Photography Glimpses” and will focus on artists who challenge traditional representations.

Ivona Tau curates the treasure trove of captivating art. Contributions from artists such as Anne Spalter and Francien Krieg, Nygilia, and the notorious BitPixie are all welcome.

A Post Photographic World

Although AI in art has been controversial, this show shows that it can be of artistic benefit. Although this sentiment isn’t shared by everyone in industry, the NFT space appears to be having a dialogue about AI in art.

span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>” The use of advanced tools like AI means that the photographer’s experience and observations in their immediate environment are no longer limited,” the show notes say.

This collection explores the idea that AI can allow for greater flexibility and experimentation in photography. Prices range from $15 to $100 for the artworks. These artworks often feature surrealistic, hyper-realistic and haunting visuals, which will drive further the AI-in art conversation.

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