No Sewer Pass? Here’s How You Can Still Play BAYC’s Dookey Dash

Dookey Dash launched last week, and there’s still a lot of hype around Yuga Labs skills-based endless running game. Everyone wants to play the new Bored Ape Yacht Club, from leisure gamers to competitive players to those who are looking to hire for high scores. They are not wrong. NFT sales increased by more than 40% in January. January saw a significant increase in NFT sales, with more than 40% of total volume .

Not everyone can access the sewers. The Sewer Pass is available only to BAYC/MAYC holders. You can also buy one on secondaries for 3ETH, which amounts to approximately $4,500. However, the general NFT enthusiast doesn’t have access to the game. They didn’t have access to the game until recently, however, because a prominent NFT collector decided to make it more accessible.

The tropoFarmer Method

You don’t need a sewer pass. You can borrow one. TropoFarmer, a pseudonymous NFT collector and influential blogger, has created a way for fellow BAYC fans to use his Sewer Pass to play Dookey Dash. He used Delegate Cash, which is a trusted service by Yuga Labs to create and assign a new MetaMask hot pocket as a delegate to the cold wallet that holds his Sewer Pass. This created an efficient way for him to use his Sewer Pass, without having it taken out of safekeeping.

To play Dookey Dash and access tropo’s hot bank account, users must first import the wallet’s private key into their MetaMask extension. Then, connect the wallet to Dookey Dash’s site. His followers are asked to keep his Sewer Pass loan safe and accessible by not sending NFTs or cryptos to the hot wallet, or using it for any other purpose than Dookey Dash play.

If you’re interested in taking his offer to play tropo, be sure to read our six tips and tricks to help you get a high score. It is important to note that, despite how generous and robust the tropoFarmer system may be, only one person can play Dookey dash at a given time with his hot wallet — which is a major drawback. There is still hope for users who want to try a different way of playing the game.

Dookey Dash: Where can you find it?

You can still watch if you don’t have the time to play. Although Web3 gaming streamers may be few and far between, many have taken up the cause to bring NFT gaming content onto Twitch or YouTube. You can watch the stream live on Twitter by searching “Dookey Dash” and scrolling through the video section to see who is streaming Dookey Dash. Full playthroughs can be viewed by Benzinga and The Schiller. You can also stream the game live on Twitch by setting reminders.

Although watching others play will not bring you closer to the ongoing BAYC coin mint or possibly obtaining a rare NFT, sometimes it is enough to be able to take part in the culture created by the blockchain. Web3 and NFTs have more value than just art and money.

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