Nokia Leading the Way in 5G and Metaverse Industries

Nokia, best known for its 3310 mobile phone is exploring industrial uses of the metaverse. The company is exploring ways to use the metaverse to help workers in remote locations, from aircraft technicians to beer breweries.

Finnish multinational telecoms company, which is well-known for providing the internet and its technology, has established two labs to study the metaverse and the technologies that it supports.

Nokia and the University of Technology Sydney have been working together to create a 5G-connected microbrewery that uses metaverse technology as well as augmented reality (AR) in collaboration.

The brewery tech lab in Sydney has been working closely with its counterparts at Dortmund University, Germany, to perfect beer brewing using a digital twin.

Credit University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Robert Joyce, the CTO at Nokia Oceania, said that they now can simulate the brewing process using the digital world. They can now experiment with temperature, timing and volume to create the best beer.

Joyce said that they actually collaborate in beer brewing experiments. They alter the process, temperature, timings, and recipes , then they send all that information back to the digital twin.

“Then they can simulate brewing in a digital twin so that they can perfect their beer in the virtual space.”

Nokia used the metaverse in a similar way to assist South Australian Cessna plane technicians. The company used a virtual Cessna plane to give audio instructions via augmented reality to the technicians.

The Industrial Metaverse will grow before the Consumer Metaverse

Is it a good idea to buy a headset now that metaverse utility is growing at an incredible rate? Nishant Batra, Nokia’s global chief technology and strategy officer, doesn’t think so.

Batra stated to the WEF that the metaverse would disrupt industries before it had any lasting impact on consumer markets.

He said that ports have started using digital twins to track all containers on their docks, regardless of how deep they are buried in stacks. “Aerospace companies build engines and fuselages in digital space to model exactly how an airplane will fly, long before they actually make the first part of it.”

Robert Joyce also agrees with this statement. He believes that the industrial metaverse will generate five times as much revenue as the enterprise or consumer metaverse by next years. Due to the current clunky technology, and the discomfort associated with using headsets, he doesn’t believe the consumer metaverse will take off before 2030.

Nokia Leads the Mobile Revolution. But, Does it Take Two?

Nokia 3310 was Nokia’s most popular mobile phone in the 1990s. It made Nokia the largest telecommunications company worldwide.

Although the Finnish telecoms giant has been relegated to the background in the smartphone era due to its explorations in the metaverse it is paving new roads. Perhaps its new technology will be a staple in every household.

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