Portal Fantasy: Gameplay and P2E Mechanics

Portal Fantasy, a pixel adventure RPG, is the creation of a team that has many years of gaming experience, including at Disney, Facebook, and companies such as Nintendo and Tropico. Kasei, who founded a crypto algorithmic trading company, leads the team with a data-driven approach towards tokenomics.

Portal Fantasy is backed prominently by players in the blockchain and gaming ecosystems such as YGG SEA (Makers Fund), Blizzard Fund Wave Financial, Wave Financial, Ava Labs/Avalaunch, GFR Fund Infinity Ventures Mirana, Genesis Block Ventures C2 Ventures D1 Ventures Keychain Capital.

Portal Fantasy Gameplay

Portal Fantasy is home to creatures called Porbles. Players can choose to play the roles of heroes or architects when they join the game.


Each player has the right to claim one Porble and one hero at the start of the game. Heroes travel to the worlds in search of Porbles. Portal Fantasy’s inhabitants are NFT assets. They will be available in four rarity levels: rare, uncommon, rare, legendary, and legendary. The heroes strive to create the best teams possible from the creatures they capture.

The Player vs. Environment (PvE), heroes can encounter Porbles as they walk through the grass. A rogue Porble may attack them. As Baddies, they can encounter multiple Porbles. In future releases, you will be able to fight Porbles in the Player versus Player (PvP), game mode.


Heroes can complete quests and solve puzzles. They also have the ability to defeat their opponents in PvP battles. As a hero grows in level, he can access more Porbles and gain additional traits.


For those who enjoy more active gameplay, they can become architects to create worlds with the built-in map editor – The Creator’s Compass. This allows heroes to explore and discover Porbles. This is done by creating new maps using the provided tilesets.

As they gain experience building maps, architects can also play with heroes on their maps. Higher levels give them access to more tiles that can be used to build other components of gameplay in which heroes can participate such as puzzles and quests.

City of Valeria

This section of the Portal Fantasy allows players to trade in-game cosmetics and items. There are heroes items like capture scrolls which are required to catch Porbles and architect items like map tiles, map designs and Porble parts. Multiple shops will be available in the City of Valeria to enable players to trade these in-game assets.

Token economy

Portal Orb (or ORB) is the in-game currency. You can have unlimited ORB and spend it off-chain to create maps, capture Porbles and level up your heroes and Porbles.

Portal Fantasy Tokens are also the game’s premium ERC20 tokens. They have a fixed supply (1 billion) of tokens. PFT can be traded on an exchange and has two functions. PFT holders can join The Magi’s Circle to receive additional rewards and lock their tokens. You can also use PFT to pay for in-game assets such as characters upgrades, fusion Porbles and exclusive tiles to create maps.

How do you earn rewards in Portal Fantasy?

Both as an architect or a hero, players can earn P2E rewards by collecting ORB tokens. You can earn ORB by leveling up Porbles or heroes, exploring maps and defeating baddies, and completing quests and other special events. When others capture Porbles on their maps, architects can be rewarded.

Visit their website, and be sure to follow Portal Fantasy on Twitter or Discord to keep in touch.

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