Ready to Help Blue and Obtain the Best PFP Traits? Cool Cats Fractures Journey Begins Tomorrow!

Top NFT project Cool Cats launches “Fractures” – an interactive mint gaming ‘journey’ to gain rewards for your NFT, starting today! The gaming adventure is about unlocking new digital adventures and expanding its narrative. All Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT holders were airdropped a Fractures NFT last week to allow them to explore the first ever ‘Journey’ on Cool Cats.

What Is The Cool Cats ‘Journey’?

The first ever Cool Cats “Fractures” journey is an interactive gameplay based storytelling expansion of its vivid universe. An exciting experience for the community to enjoy. The individual with the highest “Cool Score” at the end of the game gets to upgrade their PFP with awesome new traits. Moreover, a new journey is set to occur every two weeks over the course of the next two and a half months.

The gamified experiences are exclusive to the Cool Cats community. The activities inside the Journey unlock new rewards for holders. The first two-week long Journey is a part of  a 5 piece series, which runs for 10 weeks straight. In each Journey, players can answer questions, learn new things about the Cool Cats universe, solve riddles and puzzles, and even burn specific items. The narrative drives the future of the Cool Cats ecosystem forward by engaging its community in the games.

More About Fractures

Think of Fracture NFTs as the pass to explore and play inside the Journeys chapters of Cool Cats. The Cool Cats community ventures inside their metaverse “Cooltopia” alongside Blue and introduces players to the world. Moreover, all Cool Cats and Pets holders already gain a Fracture NFT. The NFT was airdropped to the community following their Town Hall earlier in the week.

The Fractures missions help expand Blue’s story. The brand claims that interactivity will evolve in the future, but for now, the narrative focuses around Blue’s journey into Cooltopia. For each Journey, users must log in to the official Cool Cats website, connect their wallet, and join in on the fun! Furthermore, players can also choose which adventure they’d like to be a part of. Each Journey has a time limit within which each user can join, and most of them are 48 hours long.

Fractures NFT holders are rewarded for their participation with new character traits and trait rarities. These rewards are revealed within the journeys themselves. During Chapter 1, the rewards are as follows:

  • Evolve Fracture NFTs with trait rarities based on each players Journey Score.
  • Achievement badges for each journey players complete, which apply to your overall Cool Score.
  • Raffled rewards at the end of every Journey ranging from IRL merch to Cool Cats NFTs.

Additionally, there are also rewards for holders who do not choose to participate in the Journeys. Although, the non-players are only ranked on the basis of their Cool Scores only. The priority list for ranking rewards for the Journeys are as follows:

  1. High Journey Score + Participated in Journey
  2. Low Journey Score + Participated in Journey
  3. High Cool Score – did not participate in Journey
  4. Low Cool Score – did not participate in Journey

More information can be found on their official website.

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